Too Close to the Ened

November 28, 2016
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Logan Van Syckel


Hospital: Robert Wood Johnson

DOB: 9-22-03


Reason for your visit: Allergic Reaction


It was a snowy evening in Branchburg and I had just gotten to my friends' house. My family and I had to watch over them since both parents had went on vacation. It just so happens that night we all had to go to Time to Eat Diner for dinner and meet up with the rest of their family. Once I got there both of my friends, Ellie and Sydney, ran up and gave me a big hug. I can tell they were excited to see me, and I was excited to see them. I planned on having one of the biggest sleepovers, but everything might not go the way that you hoped for.

Once we had gotten to the diner we met up with there dads side of the family. I hung out with Ellie and Nicky, her cousin. All of our stomachs were growling like lions and waiter came over to see what we wanted to drink. They both said milkshakes and since i've never tried their milkshakes before I thought id give it a try.Let me just say...big...mistake. When the waiter went to go service another table Ellie , Nicky and I being the kids we are decided to whip out our phones and play the newest trend Trivia Crack. Trivia Crack is a trivia game where you play against a person and get little character trophies based on a category. For example, if one of us gets three questions from the art category correct we get an art character. By this time it was about 7:00 and the waiter asked us what we wanted to eat this evening. Nicky and Ellie both got pasta, but me being the picky eater I am did not get anything to eat. Remember at this time it was me drinking my chocolate milkshake of death I had ordered about half an hour before. Once the food came Ellie and Nicky started to eat like pigs while I colored the kids menu. By the time it was 9:00 pm and a school night the family decide to wrap things up. We said our goodbyes and went home.

By the time we got home it was about 9:30 and I didn't feel so well. My parents were worried but I thought it was just something I ate. I then went in the bathroom and did my business and after went up stairs to get my pajamas on. Ellie and I were talking about our plan for the week. We planned on doing our nails, competing in Mario Kart,and going ice skating with all of our friends. By this time it was 10:00 pm and since I was not feeling good my mom thought it was a good idea for me to sleep on the couch. I got my blankets together said my goodnights and I was out in a snap.


Around 12:00 am I had just woken up to go to the bathroom. When I first opened my eyes I immediately knew something was not right.It was a feeling that I felt before. It reminded me of when I got my allergic reaction in kindergarten!! I ran as fast as a cheetah to the bathroom. By the time I got there my eyes were swollen and puffy as clouds. My lips looked like two barrels, and red craters on Mars that I call rashes were all over my body. I felt as my body was eating me alive.

Aftering looking in the mirror I immediately sprinted up the stairs like I was the flash.

¨Mom! Mom!¨ I say as i'm shaking with fear.
¨What is it honey?¨ she replies scared as a cat.

¨My face and my lips...¨ I say. ¨Are swollen! I looked like I just had gotten beat up in a wrestling match!¨
As she hears me being the worried mom she is, pulls me like a wagon over to turn on the light.

¨She's fine¨ my dad says carelessly.

As my mom turns the lights on I feel as if I just looked into the sun.

¨Holy Cow! Ryan look at your daughter, do you think shes fine!!¨ my mom says with fright.

She picks me up as she's tumbling her feet down the stairs. Throws me in the car like softball. And we go off to the death house.

By the time me and my mother got to the hospital I rarely see a sign that says ¨Emergency¨. I immediately know now that the scary movie was only beginning.

Once we enter the lions begin to stare at me like i'm prey. Across the room I see a nice lady. My mom the lady and I are only separated by the plastic looking material separating the lobby and  emergency room.

¨Hi, what has happened to your daughter?¨ the lady says with a white smile.

¨My daughter is having an allergic reaction!!¨ my mom mumbles as she looks at me.

After, the lady handed her a few forms to fill out and we sat down. I remember another mother staring. She had dark brown hair was there with her son. After a decade of my mom filling out forms the nurses finally called me in. They asked me my height weight and they took my temperature. They also asked my mom a few questions too. When all my information was filled out we started to go back to a ¨room¨ with curtains as walls and a hospital bed as my couch. I don't remember much besides the doctor with dark brown hair and a white coat putting an IV needle in my arm and taking my blood pressure. After my sight was black.

I woke up around 2:00 am to see Zack and Cody playing on the TV. Man did I love that show when I was younger. To my left I see my grandma sitting there staring at me.

¨Hi Logan¨ she says as she waves her hand ¨Its grandma¨
¨Hi grandma¨ I say still half asleep.
¨Logan grandma is here to check on you and she got you some ginger ale.¨”my mother says.
Ginger Ale is one of my favorite drinks.I can drink it up in a second. After I remember going back to sleep and not waking up to around 4:30 am.

¨Mom,¨ I say with my puffy eyes almost shut, ¨When is it time to go home?¨
¨Just an hour Logan and then we´ll be on our way.¨ my mom whispers.

The doctor then walks in again and inserts a bunch of different medicines and takes the IV Needle out of my goosebump skin. He then tells me what happened and that my allergic reaction was caused by the milkshake at the diner. Since I was half asleep I didn't catch everything he said but he did say to get a lot of sleep of wait until the medicines kick in to wear off the swelling. He said I would have to miss a week of school. I immediately think of all the work I will be drowning in when I return.

Around 5:00am it was time to go home. I open my half open eyes of swelling and start to walk to the car. I then fell asleep and drifted back into my dreams.

When eventually got home around 6:00am I threw myself on the couch and started making z´s.

The next day I woke up with 5 blankets piled on top of me and my pillow behind my over heated head. It was around 12:00pm and my mom came downstairs to greet me.

¨What would you like for breakfast?¨ she says in a soft voice.

¨Lucky charms please¨ I whisper.

Lucky charms was my favorite cereal at the time and it still is. From this week on my usual routine was wake up at 12:00pm and rest on  the couch. However I did get to go shopping around Princeton and get my bloodwork done.

Date: 1-16-15
It was around 10:30 am when my mom woke me up. Today was Friday and she happen to tell me we were going to walk around Princeton. At this point my eyes were still a little swollen and my lips not so much. I had to hassle around my house and try to figure out what I was going to wear. As I throw all of my clothes out of my closet I finally figure out what I am going to wear. I put on my white long sleeve sweater, dark washed jeans, and my almost dark as a black hole hunter boots.

As we drive in the car it's starting to drizzle and I notice myself getting sleepy. But I try to wake myself up as a start a new day. Around town there were little boutiques that made you just want to go in for fun. There is also stores im familiar with such as urban outfitters, and many more.

We make a stop at a toy store since my little cousins birthday was coming up. In the store there were shelves stacked on shelves of stuffed animals and plenty of room for games and other toys. As I look around I wonder what would my cousin would have best interest in. It is about 30 minutes after now and my mother and I finally find the perfect toy for him. We buy a set of trucks with ramps and extra tires just incase they fall off. After grabbing the white plastic out of the ladies hand with the toy store logo labeled we then move on to the next shop.

By this time it is about 12:30pm and I decide to grab something to eat. Next store there is an ice cream shop with lime green and hot pink flags around. When we got into the store there was a long line and cows all around. When I say cows all around I mean everywhere!! There were cow pictures on the wall, cow statues, also an ice cream flavor that made it look like a cow!! When it was our turn to order I get a cotton candy cone with sprinkles. My mom on the other hand gets chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles. You can tell she really hates chocolate.  

After finishing our ice creams and traveling around Princeton we decided to go home around 4:30 pm and wait until tomorrow for the next adventure that awaits.

Around 11:30am my mom wakes me up, because I have an appointment to get my blood tested. This will determine if the milkshake caused my allergic reaction or if i'm allergic to anything else. After my mother and I rush our brains for the appointment we finally manage to get out of the house.

In the car, following the direction of the yellow lines we pull into what almost looks like a mall. Not as big but similar. Once we get in there are trees looking down at me from above. Almost as if the entrance was a rain forest. My mother and I finally find our way around the trees and get to the waiting room. There we watch Jeopardy on the TV. At this point there is only a slight swell under my eyes but also a little less than yesterday. When the man with the glasses finally calls my name we follow him to where the magic happens. They sit me down on a chair and stick a needle in me fast so I don't feel anything. They then pull the needle out and give me a cloth on the battle wound. After an hour goes by still waiting in the cold mintish chair they come back with the results.

“Logan is still highly allergic to eggs and nothing else seems to be coming in.” the man with the glasses says. “Is there anything egg related that she has had recently.”

“I did have a milkshake the night before I got it.” I say in a quiet voice, but just loud enough so he hears me.
“Was it from a diner?” he says with confidence.

Another lady with a hot pink shirt on comes in.

“Milkshakes from diners contain eggs in them since they're old fashion.” she says.

Everyone stands in silence for a few moments.

The doctors and my mom talk a little more after but I don't quite remember what they say. We then walk out and pass the trees looking down at me and head home.

Date 1-20-15
Today is the day I am cured. I get out of the bed with the biggest smile on my face to see my eyes not swollen any more. I had skipped a few days since I did not really do anything important. Today we don't have school and I end up celebrating and go to the mall with my grandma and cousin.

In life we all make bad choices and everything might not go as expected. We all have our imperfections and mine happens to be an allergy.

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