Lying Is Not Bad

November 28, 2016

Everyone has basic human rights. Rights like freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and the right to determine your own taxes; those are the rights everyone knows about. But, what about the ones no one knows about. Rights that we exercise every day - secret rights you could say.  Rights like the right to lie on occasion. The right to lie to protect everyone's feeling. The right to lie is one right that I really care about. I know, it sounds crazy. But really think about it. If you lose something important to someone else, like a basic stuffed animal, you should lie about it until you find it or get a new one. Telling the truth will only cause hurt feelings and pain. Lying about it would allow you to buy time to get a new one. Some will say, "honesty is the best policy," but when you need to protect yourself or others, lying can help you stay safe.

You may think, yes it makes sense in concept, but surely not in real life. Think again. In August of 2014, I learned that I might be moving. Of course, this was a secret between my parents and I. I couldn't even tell my sister. No telling my teachers, no telling my friends, no telling anyone at all. I was lying. By not telling anyone why I was sad, I was lying to them. I had to, or no one would have been happy. There was nothing they could do, nothing at all, so telling them would have made us sad when we could do nothing.

Omitting details is a lie. I never made plans for sixth grade, since I knew I wouldn't be there for it. No one ever knew. I don't tell about my old friends in Ohio much here, in Michigan, even though they influenced me so much. Another lie.

I have been lying to my new town. I really don't like the last day of school. I tend to be very serious then, and no one knows why. I lost so much the last day of school in fifth grade. I lost my school, by leaving the town. I lost my friends, by leaving them behind. I lost my grandmother to sickness and death. So much lost, in one day, when I was eleven.

My grandmother was in the hospital for a few weeks during June. She was fighting to live. She lost the battle. If only I knew she was dying and wouldn't make it, I would have gone to see her right away. She is dead, and I never got to say goodbye. Of course, it hurt that I was in Ohio and her Maryland. I lived multiple hours away and had no chance of seeing her. That last day of school was the worst of my life.

With me, were my friends - the team that tried to keep me going. Even though I lied to them, they didn't care. They wanted to help me. Maybe they didn't know I was lying. Maybe they did. I have no idea. I didn't eat much of anything at the party, lunch, ever. I cried all day, even with my friends' support, I had a terrible day. All last days of school on any day doing anything fun, have become terrible. I lost so much that day, It's a wonder I can stand them. So I've been lying. I've lied about enjoying the last day, by appearance, and not telling anyone I'm hurt.

From 5th grade on, I believed lying is not something to shame, to never do. We can lie to protect ourselves or prevent wasted time and tears. We  can lie when telling the truth would help no one and hurt everyone. That's why I lie. This I believe.

Afterword: I admitted I lie sometimes, but everything in this essay was completely true to the best of my knowledge. I am also aware that many people will really dislike this essay, but this is about my beliefs, not theirs.

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