A Modest Proposal: A Satirical Solution for Gun Trafficking

November 11, 2016


It is a melancholy object to: The problem that gun trafficking brings to the u.s today is much greater than the simplicity of illegal guns being in people's possession it is a danger to all citizens of the united states.  The danger is much more than illegal guns being smuggled and then sold in America, it is also a problem of how felonies are getting access to weapons.If someone does not find a solution to this problem of guns being sold illegally the number of illegal weapons sold and brought into the u.s will continue to rise.

I think it is agreed by all parties that the life-threatening occurrence: The illegal gun trade is a serious problem that America is facing today and it is something that is affecting everyone.  It is stated that “30,000” people die for gun related instances every year and that an estimated “73,000” more are treated for gun wounds each year . It is also said that about 40 percent of firearm dealers don't do background checks when selling weapons to people. If no one finds a solution to this pretty soon almost all gun dealers will start selling weapons without doing background checks,  also the number of people treated to gun related injuries will continue to rise.

But my intention is very far from  being confined: My plan would put an end to all the problems we are having with gun control and it's actually quite simple. All the country would simply have to do is take all of the guns away because  once we take all the guns away and replace them with slingshots we will have nothing to trade when the guns are gone.  If you think about it slingshots can do just about the same thing they both shoot and can both kill animals some may be smaller but can still work the same as guns.

There likewise is another great advantage in my scheme: There is another great advantage to my idea and that is money and uses. The first thing is that it would cost way less to manufacture slingshots and then to buy them would be much cheaper than guns. Another great advantage would be you could trade your slingshots at work slingshot conveniens and see what other great things there are. The last advantage is they are way less harmful than guns and you could still get the job done with them.

I shall now therefore humbly propose my own thoughts, Which i hope will not be liable to the least objection.

I have been assured: That replacing all of the guns in the U.S with slingshots would in fact work. How you may ask well are guns and sling shots really that different they both shoot out objects that can and will do damage. They also can both kill animals slingshots definitely have the capability to do damage to animals just as well as guns did you would just have to work on shooting.

I do therefore humbly offer to public consideration: We admittedly start putting this idea into act because it could never fail.   I say that we take all of the U.S guns that are owned by civilians and take them and replace all of them with slingshots immediately. All of the guns should go to the military to help protect are country well on the inside we are all using are mighty slaying slinging slingshot. The army will get half of the U.S civilian guns but with the other half we will melt them down and reuse them for something else that we need to fix. 

So in conclusion: We can tell this is for the good of the country because thousands of people are affected by guns every single year and people are selling and trading guns illegally. The replacement of all guns will change the way of the U.S but only in a positive the rates of gun violence will go way down gun trafficking in the U.S will stop and people will learn to love using their sling shots. I mean let's look at this and be real we all know the country will be much safer when all we have to do is play with are slingshots instead of are guns 

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