Pushing Through the Perseverance of Piano

November 18, 2016

Piano uses eye and hand coordination, I read the notes as my hands dance across the notes making a melody. I’ve played this instrument ever since I could remember and I’ve been playing it ever since. I loved the instrument at first sight, then I transitioned into hating it, and finally I have learned to appreciate it.
I started piano lessons at about the age of six and I loved the instrument and it’s sound at an instant. When I started lessons, I took them from the same teacher as my four other siblings. As we grew we went into more advanced levels and learned harder songs as we went.

I started learning the finger positions first, then the black keys, the white keys, and then finally I was putting the keys together to make chords. I remember the moment I put everything together and made a song. I learned all the notes quite easily and I was good considering I was only six years old. By the age of seven I was learning new songs each week and I quickly advanced into harder levels, but of course this also meant harder songs.
At about the age of nine, I started to struggle with all the keys and the more difficult hand and eye coordination. I began to dislike the instrument more and more as I continued through the years. The songs became faster, slower, quieter, and more dramatic as I advanced from level to level. By age of ten I wanted to quit but my parents pushed me to go forward, convincing me to play until I finished all the level books from my teacher. I hated practicing my lessons every week and when my actual lesson came up each Tuesday, I did awful and I would have to keep the song another week until I passed it.

I realized that ever since I’ve been playing piano and gone through all the hard songs, the songs come easy to me now, and all the moments that I’ve persevered through had made me a better pianist. Piano has taught me better coordination with my eyes, hands, and brain, and it will help me with my coordination for all my life. When I look back at all the situations and struggles I went through, I am very happy that my parents did not let me quit because now I can play songs gracefully without mistakes and I am now on level five out of six.  I am happy to say that now that I love this instrument and I am hoping to play it all my life.

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