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Intruders This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

The wind blew, the trees shook, the water trembled, but at that exact moment, everything was peaceful. The trees were at ease, the water fragil. There was no thought of the natural world, just actions. I began to realize that the trees, the lake, the flowers; they did not add to my world, I took from theirs. I was an intruder.


As the whistling breeze and caroling birds settled, the pond came to life. The small fish settled near the surface, quickly speeding across the top of the water. The geese dunked their heads, screaming at each other in between the soaks. The larger fish leaped out of the water making a splash loud enough for the flock of geese to fly out of the water. But the wind came again, everything was at peace, almost as if time stood still.

As the wind settled again, my eyes carried me to the small island in the middle of the pond. The trees and bushes grew freely, and island only touched by the natural ingredients provided by the lake. The ground covered in decaying leaves and aged tree roots provided for the strong, flourishing life of powerful trunks and colorful bushes. The death of nature gave birth to the life, working coexistent and without need for anything else. The island represented a delicious meal created with only the best ingredients. It represented a healthy world, one without crime or waste. It represented a life untouched by intruders and want; only influenced by need.

The independence of the island created a question: If life is so peaceful living on its own, what created greed, the waste and the intruders of humanity? Nature represents purity, peaceful actions, and life fueled by instinct and needs.

While considering the peace of an untouched society, the cries of my cat interrupted the peaceful thoughts and I realized that anything can be an intruder, depending on how it is understood.

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