The Move

November 16, 2016
By KittenLover BRONZE, Multnomah County, Oregon
KittenLover BRONZE, Multnomah County, Oregon
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Three months ago, I went through one of the most stressful and sad times in a kid’s life, moving away from friends, school, and house to go to new ones.

The week before my family and I left Huntington Beach for Oregon, I spent a lot of my time with my closest friends. We went swimming at one of my friend’s pool and went to see some movies at Bella Terra. I even had a few sleepovers, but sadly it had to end.

A week later we packed the cats, the dog, our clothes, and essentials. My family took two cars; the arrangements were my mom and I would take her car with the cats, and my dad and sister took his truck with the dog and the trailer that would hold most of our things in it. It was heartbreaking leaving, but I kept my mind off the sadness of it all by listen to Maze Runner on tape with my mom. The main thing that distracted me was my cat Inka because of the way she was so calm going through this trip that it made me calm too.

About eighteen hours later, we finally reached our rental house and about two hours later we all fell asleep. The next morning we unpacked and got everything situated. Then we all watched a movie together, until my parents said that we needed to go to sleep. For the next few days, I kept myself busy by visiting some of my only friends in Oregon, and going to my favorite restaurant, Raul’s Mexican Food.

Just as I was starting to get used to Oregon, and then it was the tonight before the first day of school. I was freaking out; so many questions came to me while I was trying to go to bed, like “will the other kids be mean to me?” or “what happens if I hate the school?”

After I finally fell asleep, I woke up. It felt like just a second of sleep until my alarm clock went off, but I had to get up. So I brushed my teeth, combed my hair, had breakfast, and then finally put on the outfit that my far-away friends chose for me. Once my sister was ready my family of four got into my dad’s new car that he just bought and drove to the school. On the way there we listened to the radio, but I was not paying attention to the music. I was too caught up in my own thoughts of how sad I was about moving away from my friends. I wanted to cry, but I could not because I didn’t want to show my sadness at the move to my family.

When we got to my new school, my sister and I got out of the car and my parents said goodbye and told us that they love us. Then I walked over to the only person I knew, my life long friend Ella. She was with her group of friends talking, but when she saw me walking towards her she said hi and introduced me to her group of friends. Her friends seemed very nice and talked to me until a teacher told us it was time for class. Then we went inside the school to our lockers and got ready for class.

Seven hours later, I found myself eating ice cream with my dad and sister celebrating the first day of school. While I was eating the ice cream, I was telling my dad and sister how much I liked the school.

So even though three months later my friends are not with me, and I still miss them a lot, I still love my school and my new life. This just goes to show that because you don’t know what the future holds, doesn’t mean the future's not bright.

The author's comments:

I want other teens to knowthat moving is not the worst thing in the world, and that they are not only.

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