Dear Little Sister

November 15, 2016
By , Boston, MA

Dear Shaquilla Nikai,

I love you to death, lil girl. You are the spark to my flame, the set to my sun, and most definitely you are the world revolving itself. You are getting older and older day by day and as you evolve, I’m finally beginning to realize that you won’t be a youngin’ for long. When I say that you are my entire world, I really mean that. As you continue growing older and experiencing how the world works, promise me one thing? No matter the situation or choice that is being tossed at you, for me, you will remain on the correct path and just be a better student and human being than I was when I was your age.

You’re a 5th grader now! Your 10 years old and from here on out, trust me when I say things are only going to get harder. When you step into middle school as a 6th grader and meet new people, new temptations and negative energy will surround you and honestly, on mommy, I want the best for you. The urge to ignore peer pressure and influences period becomes a lot harder than it ever was and I know that is a fact from experiences. As you 16 almost 17 year old brother, I promise 100% that I am willing to do any and/or everything to make life less miserable for your teenage years whether it’s providing fun or being hard on you. No matter what ever happens, whether we argue, cry, laugh, or disagree with one another, I am forever your older brother and I will always love you. I will protect you and always be here for you. I don’t really think you realize how smart , intelligent , and beautiful you are! But everyday you wake up, I see these same perfections in you.

“Shaquille, when I get older , I want to be a singer!”  my little sister tells me almost every conversation we have and guess what I tell her?


"Shaquilla , you can do anything you want as long as you truthfully put your mind to it. I love you to death and i’ll tell you this 100 times before this letter ends, I will always have you."


Speaking of always having your back , I know you always wondered why i’m the kind of brother I am. Overprotective , powerful , and fun at times. Well , first off , the overprotective piece comes from the fact that you're my only little sister and your my blood. I feel like a big piece of my living expectations is for you to always feel safe and for you to always be comfortable. They way I handle certain situations between us is not to make you feel like you're a bad kid , but , to make sure your for the most part always making the correct decisions. In a couple of years when i’m out of college and you're in highschool , I don’t want mother and daddy to always have to be on your back about simple things that you should’ve been learned not to do from seeing me do it. When I tell you i’ve put them through so much , it all comes back at me like “WOW! That was me!”. All i’m really trying to say is when middle and high school finally approach , be a lot more focused and responsible than me.
I want to see you go very far in life. You know how you're always telling me that you want to be a singer in the future? I’m 100% dedicated to your decisions but really work hard at it. You sing for hours and hours everyday and as years pass by , I can hear your voice developing. You can really sing so I advise you to never give up. I want you hanging with the positive crowds that do their work and have goals. I want you with the A+ and B+ students , they don’t have to be nerds but they can be cool children that get their work done. I DO NOT want you with the kids that wanna be gang bangers or hood rats. Stay away from the kids that act like they have no home training and act like they have never had opportunities before. I want you on top of your grades. GPA is very important and as you get older , you will learn more about that but I wanna see you someday on TV doing what you love, singing.

It’s all up to you though! I really just want to see my little sister make life fun and easy without any problems. I don’t want you to waste your life away trying to be something different for a couple of kids that ain’t going to remember your in the future. I see so much potential in you and I swear to god with all my heart , I believe in you. You can be anything you want just remember that whether it’s a singer , doctor , nurse , veterinarian , or even the first female black president. I can sit and write for hours and hours , but only you can determine your own destiny!


PS: You're Still A Little Monster

    Sincerely ,

Shaquille Neal (Your favorite older brother)

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