Vietnam and Cambodia Experience

November 14, 2016

When I was younger and living in Indonesia. we had decided to go to a place we had never gone before. My dad said we were going to a place called Vietnam. I didn't even know what Vietnam was when I was little, but I trusted my dad. He also said we would visit temples in Cambodia; so I was even more excited.

When we arrived and got outside, the sky was polluted but not as much as in Indonesia. We ordered a cab and he took us to our hotel room. We unpacked and my dad said he already had something planned. Sure enough we left the hotel and right outside was a bunch of motorcycles waiting for us. We all got onto a motorcycle and then they took us to a motorcycle tour place. When we arrived, we had to wait for our turn so me and my brother decided to look around. We didn’t find much until we came up to a shelf that was full of cobras in bottles. The cobras were in water and weren’t living, I think. Unless they can breathe underwater which isn’t possible.

Our motorcycles finally showed up and my dad had to sign a waiver to make sure it wasn’t their fault that we got hurt. Of course right after that me and my brother decide to fight over which motorcycle we got and ended up wrestling for it. We were in this place that was surrounded by a ton of running motorcycles that could potentially burn the life out of you; so we of course decided to wrestle there. We started pushing each other and Sam ended up pushing me into one of those running motorcycles and my skin turned black and started to peel. Man was it painful! Me and my mom went to the doctor and he patched me up. I had to put on some leg cloth that was wrapped in more cloth; I was also told that I was not to get anywhere close to water or I would have the leg brace on for two more months! our trip in Vietnam was kind of ruined, but Cambodia was still to come! I kept my hopes up because without a good attitude the trip would’ve been even worse.


Cambodia was a lot more fun than Vietnam because we visited lots of temples and went to markets and downtown. What’s cool about Cambodia is that they're not as advanced technology as other countries so they had more traditional things than technology things. They also had these mini cars called tuk-tuks that they use as taxis. They’re these little 3 wheeled vehicles that bounce along the streets from place to place.

In conclusion, I would definitely go on that vacation only if the burning my leg part was removed. I thought it was really fun even though I was in pain most of the time but I didn’t care because I had temples to visit and markets to go to.

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