Bonding Time

November 14, 2016
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Have you ever felt that your family hasn’t had a lot of quality time together? Well I have. But this trip that we took to Canada really strengthened the bond of my family. We swam in outdoor pools, we went out to eat, we watched movies, and we explored together.

We left our house on a sunny spring morning. My brother and I were excited to get going, but my parents were tired and moved like slugs. When we finally got on the road, we had to stop at McDonalds to get coffee for Mom and Dad.

After that, we drove onto the freeway and stayed that way until we had to get gas or had to stop at a rest stop. We did that until we reached Canada. Vancouver B.C. is where our car ride ended. The hotel that we stayed in was the Westin. It was a nice highrise hotel with an awesome outdoor pool. We unpacked all our luggage in our room, and we went out to eat at an asian food market. The food wasn’t as good as homemade Asian food, but it was still pretty good. When we got back to our room we changed and headed for the outdoor swimming pool.

It felt amazing! The pool was the perfect temperature and the wind up there felt so good. And the hot tub was so relaxing, but we finally headed back to our hotel room and watched a movie.

The next day we set off onto the road heading to Whistler, Canada. It was about a two hour drive. When we got there, we found our room and unpacked. We took naps first because we were so tired. After we were all rested, we ate dinner and then we went to the pool.  It was very nice, but the other one was better. When we were finished, it was time to go to bed. The next day, we woke up early and went on a bike ride. The scenery was really beautiful, and it was the perfect weather for bike riding. Next, we explored the Whistler Village. It was full of shops and restaurants. They were all pretty cool and had a lot of souvenirs. But the coolest part was where they had the Olympic rings. It was huge. You could sit in the curve of the bottom rings. So many people were taking pictures, but we finally got the chance to take pictures.

Later in the afternoon my parents went on a date, and me and my brother watched a movie. We had fun together, and so did my parents. When we go home, we spent some quality time together and played games until we were so tired we couldn’t think straight.

The next day we finally had to drive all the way back to Oregon. It was a very sad drive, because we had to leave Canada and all the memories we made too. But it was probably the best road trip I’ve ever had and wouldn’t redo it at all.

I had an awesome time with my family, and we bonded more and became more close together. The Canadians were all really nice and welcoming to us. I think it was something we needed to do: to get away from all the stress of work, school, and people.

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