Parents Abusing Drugs

November 14, 2016

Waking up in the morning, hearing strange noises from your parents bedroom, you’re breathing heavily and louder and louder sniffing sounds are clearer, when you reach the door you turn the knob and see your parents taking drugs, afraid that you will be punished you run to your room and stay there because you're too afraid to face them. Most parents that take drugs abuse their families from their addiction. When a parent abuses drugs, it can have extreme effects on their children from inheriting the problem, to being abused themselves.

When parent abuse drugs they do not think of the effect on their kids, or if it would have an affect at all, but what they do not realize is that the effects can be from losing trust to destroying their future. Acording to teens.drugabuse “ 25% of youth under 18 years old are exposed to family alcohol abuse or drugs.” and “Having a parent who is addicted to drugs or alcohol can lead to lifelong problems.” Not many people understand how serious this problem is and who it affects, not only the kids, but the everyone around them.Their kids can inherit the drug problems, the kids are most likely to take drugs and be the same as their parents if they took drugs.These type of problems are all around, they could be in your community, and if they were they could affect anyone, by having a parent on drugs, and acting up on the neighbors and the people who live around can have consequences. There are over 8 million children that have at least one parent that took is known to have abused drugs or alcohol , and if so then around 8 million parents to 16 million parents have taken drugs. Out of 8 billion people are alive, about 18 million people have taken drugs, and 12 million of those are parents. Then if 12 million parents take drugs, then if the population keeps growing by the time of 2020 there could be around 10 billion people, but there could also be 25 million drug users, this affects everyone.

The reaction of a parent can be extreme and could really bring future and present problems. A child or teen could be physically, mentally, and verbally abused by the parent at home. According to Narconon, “Violence or verbal abuse resulting from being drunk or high, Sexual abuse or behavior which makes a child feel uncomfortable, Forcing a child to hide an adult’s drug abuse or alcoholism.”, with this information is important to realize that this are affects on the children from their parents problems. The effect on people around them is minor and almost zero, but the kids, teens, or children have to keep the secret of their parents problem, their problem. This is not notice as much due to the fact that they focus more on Social media, Suicide, and Bullying, and Abuse they do not see what can be causing it. Abuse, Suicide, Drugs those are from family problems and most likely parents taking drugs. Parent who have abused their children were mostly in drugs, or drunk.  “About 60% of abusement was with or by using drugs.”  This is a problem that not everyone speaks up about, but they can be helped.

When finding out about parents using drugs or kids with parent using drugs then doing something about it is the right way to going to an adult can help. If a drug user if a parent it will have extreme affect on their kids and without outside help they will have problems. Overall drugs are no joke and someone needs help with them then doing something can always help.

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