Silly Little Thing Called Love

November 13, 2016
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I didn’t realize how much I craved affection until I tasted it.

I was never one of those girls who dreamed of her wedding day. I didn’t picture living in the suburbs I pictured living in a tiny apartment in the city, ordering Chinese food at 3 a.m. if that’s what I wanted. I wanted to travel, by myself, meet new people, explore new cultures, taste new foods. I wanted to write--ooh boy I wanted to write. I wanted to write about where I went, who I met, and what I believe in. I wanted to fall in love, over and over again. I wanted to chase the sun and sleep next to the moon. I closed my eyes at night and pictured a secure and happy me.

That was until he came into my life.

Now I want to see where life takes us together. Now I want to sleep in his arms every night, and wake up and see his face. Now I want to travel the world with him, and love him in a thousand different ways. Now I want to write--I always want to write. But this time I know every word is going to piece together and be about him. Now I want to cook homemade dinners and do dishes together. Now I want to live in a big house with him by my side. Now I want to support him and have him support me. And I still close my eyes and picture a secure and happy me.

What a silly little thing called love.

It has power over a person that no one sees coming. It changes you. It changed me. And if a love like this is this strong, then I have hope for us in the future. Because as powerful as this love is, that must mean it’s tough to break.

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