Best Night Ever

November 13, 2016

My cousin, my best friend, and my other half. Chelsea is one of my favorite people in the whole entire world. She is 15 years old and was born on September 1st 2001. She lives in Maryland which is around 8 hours away from where I live so, I obviously don't get to see her a lot. Chelsea has known me ever since I was born. On August 31st 2002, she was having her first birthday party when her mother got a call about how my mother was giving birth to my sister and I. Chelsea hadn't gotten to meet me immediately, but a couple weeks after I was born, she met me at my baptism for the first time. I don't remember much from when we were little, but I do remember events from pictures that were taken during the moment. I could go on and on about all of the crazy and fun memories we've had but that would take forever.

One the best memory out of all of them was when we went to a Shawn Mendes concert. We went on August 20th 2016. It was a surprise gift for both of our birthdays since they were coming up soon. The morning of the concert, we jumped out of bed pretty early because we were so excited. We were all staying in a hotel in Hershey Park, PA. I started the day off by first showering. I got out and put on my Shawn Mendes T-shirt that my mom got me beforehand for the concert, khaki shorts, and white Keds. I dried my hair as best I could before having Chelsea curl it for me. She plugged in her curling wand and began to curl my hair. She noticed that my hair wasn't getting curled so she insisted that it was still too wet. So I went to dry it even more and have her try it again. As I was drying my hair my mother (who is a hairdresser) noticed that Chelsea had forgotten to turn on the curling wand. We laughed and she began to curl my hair once again.

When we were all ready, we left to go out to eat at an Italian restaurant. I ordered one of my favorite foods to order at an Italian restaurant; Fettuccine Alfredo. The sauce was white as snow with light seasonings in it. It was super creamy and delicious. When we were done eating, we headed to Hershey Park. When we arrived we walked for what seemed like miles to the venue. We finally made it to the security check. We had gone through and it was finally Chelsea's turn. Since she has a serious allergy to gluten, she couldn't really eat anything there, so she had to sneak food in. She wrapped a little bag of popcorn in a flannel and stuffed it in her bag. It was hidden pretty good, but the security guard caught her anyways. We explained to the security guard that she had an allergy and the security guard understood and let her bring the food in. We headed to the merchandise table. My sister and Chelsea got a Shawn Mendes t-shirt, but I got a t-shirt for this duo named Jack and Jack who were also going to perform. I knew my sister wasn't going to wear her shirt much and that I would end up stealing it anyways and that's why I didn't get a Shawn Mendes t-shirt. We walked away from the table to find my aunt that had went to get our tickets checked. We found her with five drawstring bags in her hands. Inside of the bags was a pair of sunglasses, a shiny tattoo, a chocolate scented pencil, and a lanyard that said VIP on it. My cousin and I got a little excited about how it said VIP. We thought it was like an after party meet and greet thing but only to find out that it wasn't. We followed my aunt to our seats. We kept getting closer and closer to the stage. It was incredible. The only reason why we had the VIP passes was because our seats were so close to the stage.

It was a very sunny and hot day. We all drank a lot of water while we were standing under the blazing sun's rays. Before Shawn came out onto stage, there were several acts beforehand. There was this guy named James TW, then Daya, then Sabrina Carpenter, then came out Jack and Jack. I was very excited for them to play. They were absolutely amazing. We were screaming for all those people until Shawn came out. We screamed and jumped up and down. The people sitting in front of us even left because we kept hitting them on accident and probably because we were super annoying with all of our screaming as well. They had a daughter who was just there to see Sabrina Carpenter anyways. When they left, we got to move up to their seats.

We recorded many videos and took several pictures. We screamed and waved at Shawn as he moved across the stage to where we were in the crowd. The concert ended and everyone started to leave. Chelsea and I decided to take some little pieces of confetti from a previous performer. I took all of the things I collected from the concert and decided to frame them all. I sadly had forgotten to bring my little posters, that I had made to hold up while Shawn was performing, to the concert. So I put those, a big Shawn Mendes poster, the sparkly tattoo, the little confetti pieces, and the VIP pass all in a big frame. We had so much fun. It was definitely one of the best nights ever.

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