A Lesson from the Light Bulb

November 13, 2016
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Have you ever done something really, really dumb and wished you could go back and change it?  I have.  One time, my brothers and I went out to my Grandma and Papa’s barn to explore it, and adventure into the depths of it to find something of value.

As we were searching, we found some cool stuff: trophies, awards, papers, old plywood,  nails, and some lightbulbs.  My brothers and I were having a very entertaining time, learning from some documents we found on my grandparents.  “Hey! Guys, look what I found, I boasted.  I had unveiled dozens of big fluorescent light bulbs.  It was like finding a real lightsaber to my 9ish self.  My brothers and I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Assuming no one really needed those, my little brother, Brennan, gleefully thought we should shatter them against the old plywood in the barn.  Now, since I was the oldest I was responsible for the final verdict.  Regretfully, I said, “Why not.”.  This was mistake number one.  The barn was rustic, gray, and ancient of days, but had a couple of posts here and there.  In the center was a large hunk of plywood.  We distanced ourselves, and let those lightbulbs fly into the pile of wood.  We threw one box of 9 bulbs and then reached for 2 more boxes.  Next, we went into our Grandma's house after all the bulbs were smashed and pretended like nothing had happened.

A week or so later, we were called downstairs for dinner.  Our parents asked us if we new anything about some shattered glass of light bulbs out at Grandma and Papa’s.  Knowing we must be in big trouble, we went on to say that we didn’t even know Papa kept light bulbs out in the barn.  This was mistake number two.  Thinking that we completely hoodwinked our parents, we were rather surprised when we had to go clean up the glass at our Grandma and Papa’s.  We still thought we had gotten away with our crime of smashing the light bulbs, even after cleaning up the glass.

So the story went and my brothers and I, couldn't sit down for quite some time.  I learned two things that day: 1) Don’t destroy things just to destroy things like most boys want to do.  2) Tell the truth, and don’t lie; because it will not go well with you and your mistake will always find you out.

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