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November 11, 2016
By torikenton BRONZE, Park City, Utah
torikenton BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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I live on the internet. Sure, sometimes I’m forced to live in reality and it’s not always fun. However, I do have a somewhat social life outside of the internet. I have a group of friends, but sometimes they actually hate me because I bring up my fandoms too much. I’m not part of any band fandoms (which is what my friends are a part of), so while they obsess over MCR, P!ATD, and FOB, I’m in the corner obsessing over youtube ships and things like that.

Another thing I like to do on the internet is write fan fictions. I love expressing my ideas through celebrities and a story so I made a Wattpad account and write on there... A LOT. At this point I can tell my friends are annoyed with me so I try to bring these things up as little as possible. Actually, that’s another reason why the internet like a vacation. No one can judge you up close. Sure, you can get bullied, but that can happen in reality as well.
At school, I try to not talk about the things that I like to talk about because my friends get fed up. Fortunately, I met a person on the internet who I can talk to about anything and everything. We’ve only been friends for 2 months, but I feel like she gets me more than anyone else ever has. We talk every day and I feel like I can trust her more than some of my closest friends and even family.

The thing about doing things online is that there are millions of people out there that I know have the same interests as me. There is a total of about 15 people in Park City that I know of, and even some of THEM get ticked off at me. Some people are concerned about how much I love being online, and I can see why. I feel like it’s my only escape from reality, and reality can suck sometimes. I feel guilty to admit that to me, the internet is as important as oxygen.

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