A Monet Morning

November 11, 2016
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I woke up this morning just before the sunrise. We were in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and I wanted to see the sunrise over the seemingly endless ocean: the vibrant colors of the sun’s vast rays shining down upon the ocean like coloured spotlights shining down on a stage. I donned a light beige pair of jean shorts, a bright red tank top, and a pair of red flip-flops to accompany the exuberant color of my top. I then left the room, shutting the door quietly as to not disturb my parents’ slumber. I knew that the sun would be rising soon, so I started to run. I ran at a speed that I had previously thought I was incapable of.

When I reached the end of the narrow dirt path that led to the private beach of our decently-large resort, I slowed myself to a normal walking speed and removed my flip-flops. I stepped onto the sea-groomed sand, and it was oozing through my toes as if it were dampened putty. The feeling of the smooth, soft sand felt amazing against my recently-exposed feet. Feeling the sensation of the cool morning wind on my face and the smell of the sea salt drifting into my nose washed a sense of calm over me, so I decided to set up my towel to get ready for what would be the most beautiful art display I have seen so far in my fourteen years life.

I laid down my beach towel right along the shore of the ocean and gently placed myself onto the large, blue and white swirl in the center of Van Gogh’s painting, Starry Night, for that was the image displayed on the soft fabric. I looked towards the ocean. The extravagant art show was about to begin. A display of bright purples, pinks, and oranges were about to peak over the ocean’s horizon and swallow the Earth with their vibrance. And I could not wait.

The first sliver of light peeked over the ocean’s horizon like a crack of light peaking through a slightly ajar bedroom door. Soon enough, a plethora of pinks and purples began washing over me. I sat back in amazement as I watched the sun itself begin to peek over the previously dark horizon. The sun was placed perfectly in the sky, and it was as if I were watching a scene straight out of a movie. The bright star looked as if it were a flashlight bulb. I watched on as another ensemble of colors began to envelope the shore, taking me in as well. I drew in a deep breath and sighed calmly. I was very still, and I swear if there were people here on this beautiful little beach with me, they would think that I was one of those human statues that you see in the big cities like Miami and New York.

I closed my eyes again, inhaled another breath of the crisp, morning air, held it for a few seconds, and exhaled a gentle sigh from my lungs once more.

I opened my eyes to see the peak of the sunrise-- the part of the sunrise where there’s the perfect blend of pinks, purples and oranges illuminating the sky and the ocean. I continued to watch on in awe as the vibrant colors faded away; the plain, everyday blue tint intruding upon  the magnificent colors that I had been observing just moments before.

I stood up slowly, accidentally cracking a few bones whilst stretching out my sore muscles. I then folded up my towel and pulled my flip-flops back on my feet. I began my descent back to the hotel. And you can ask everyone that saw me that day on my journey back to our room: a bright smile not once left my face the entire walk back.

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