Surprise Birthday Party!

November 10, 2016
By , Cupertino, CA

It was a Monday night, but not your usual Monday night. At that time my mom was  35, and tomorrow, when the clock strikes twelve, she’ll be 36. We were throwing her a surprise birthday party and we had invited my uncle, aunt , and four other families. We took my mom out to dinner and once we left, everyone was starting to arrive and was setting up the surprise b-day party at my house. For dinner my mom chose to go to Chipotlé.My dad and I ordered a burrito while my mom got a salad and my younger sister ordered from the kid’s menu. When we were done with our dinner, we left the restaurant as soon as possible since it was a school night. Once we reached home, my mom asked,

“Why is the security light in the backyard on?”, my dad replied,

“A wild rabbit must have come in the backyard.”

I was relieved when I realized she hadn’t noticed our lie, and so we went inside the garage, but the door was locked from the inside. I noticed my mom’s palms getting sweaty just as my dad decided go in from the backyard and then open the door from the inside. When my dad left, my mom started calling 911. I started to panic, I thought to myself, should I tell my mom that we were throwing her a surprise birthday party? No, I could think of something better. Should I snatch the phone from? No, our fingers might  accidently press the call button. Suddenly , my dad opened the door, and let us in Thank Goodness! I thought to myself.

My mom went inside and everyone yelled,


Later that day when everyone left, my mom said, she was REALLY surprised, she didn’t even suspect a surprise birthday party. The expression on my mom’s face would be like my reaction if my parents surprised me with a dog. It was the most fun we ever had on a Monday night.

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