Why I Stopped Going to My Neighborhood Park

November 9, 2016
By Anonymous

It was a few months ago after I moved into my new neighborhood when an incident occurred at Monta Vista Park. It happened during summer vacation when I was going to 6th grade. One day, I went to Monta Vista Park to meet my friends to play soccer, because it had become a daily habit to come everyday to that park. It was really fun playing soccer with my friends and to get used to the people in my area. I was patiently sitting on the play structure and waiting for them when suddenly this random kid just came out of nowhere and threw tanbark onto my face. I was really mad at him. I guess he wasn’t that smart considering the fact that I was basically twice of his size. I was just about to punch and kick him, when I saw these two adults walking around the playground. I had a bad feeling because these two adults looked like the kid’s parents. I had pretty bad anger issues, but instead of doing something stupid, I moved to the other play structure, which was the best thing I could think of doing instead of harming the child. I stayed away from him, so I wouldn’t do or say anything stupid to agitate him or his parents.

It was really boring waiting for my friends to come, but finally they arrived. We were about to start the soccer game, when we realized that they forgot to bring the soccer cones to mark the boundaries and the goal position. So my friends had to leave to get the cones from their house. I was going to the bathroom when I found something. It was a stack of soccer cones. I didn’t have my phone, so I couldn’t call my friends to come back to the park. I waited for about an agonizing 15 minutes until finally my friends came back. We put down the cones, got other people to play, and started a soccer game.

It was fun while it lasted. But my friends eventually had to leave. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. Right when I was about to leave, the kid who had thrown tanbark onto my face earlier came and threw tanbark onto my face again. For some reason, he thought my reaction was amusing, and started laughing his head off. He was testing his luck, because this time I wasn’t forgiving him. My brain told my leg to swing forward as hard as it could. My foot made connection with his kneecap. The next thing I know, he started crying.  I then realized what I had done. I’ve just kicked some annoying little brat in the knee. I started running. I had a good 5 second head start when I heard a shriek of rage. He had recovered pretty quickly considering his age. I sprinted like crazy and reached the spot where there was a path that led to the road and another path that led to the parking lot. I heard the little freak shrieking with fury when he saw that I had gotten away. I knew that the kid was going to catch up, after all I was pretty tired from the soccer game. I decided instead of out-running him, I could outsmart him. I waited until he had a real good look at me. I then turned toward the path that led to the road. Then once I had reached the bushes, I did a very tight turn and waited. He must’ve thought I had ran off to the road, because he screamed with fury again when he couldn’t see me anymore. I knew I had fooled the kid by doing that. I saw him coming. I saw my window of opportunity, and I sprinted toward the parking lot. I reached my car in a hurry to make sure he didn’t see me getting in. I jumped in and told my mom to start the car as quickly as possible. My mom was just about to back out when the kid saw me. He raced toward my car and started banging on the window like some crazy maniac. My mom was angry. The car that she was driving was brand new, and the kid was “vandalizing” it. She got out of her car and scolded the little monster. Just then, two familiar looking adults came around the corner and headed straight for us.

The second I saw them coming I knew it was going to get ugly. I knew these two adults were his parents, and they would not be happy seeing my mom scold their child. His parents demanded why my mom was yelling at their child. His dad shouted, “Why are you scolding my son?!” My mom replied, “He was banging on my car window for no reason. Why can’t I scold him for that?” Just then the kid screamed. It was a horrific scream that would scar me for life. It sounded like some hyena having a seizure. He then shouted at my mom and said, “Your son kicked me for no reason!” I knew the kid was lying just to look like he was innocent. But I wasn’t going to let this spoiled brat get away with it. I shouted back at him as loud as I could, “I kicked you, because you were throwing tanbark at my face for no specific reason! Then I got really mad and kicked you, you dummy!” After I said that, I knew this wasn’t going to end well, because I said that in front of his parents.

My mom made it a whole lot worse when she shouted at the kid’s parents. She said, “You guys are terrible parents! You should be ashamed! What kind of child would throw tanbark in another child’s face and bang on someone’s brand new car window?” His parents were really pissed. I could tell they were the “no one tells me or my child what to do parents.” Soon, screaming and shouting could be heard, and cuss words filled the ears of nearby people. The parents’ faces were red with fury and anger. The argument finally ended when the kid’s parents decided this wasn’t worth their time. They barked at the kid to come with them and left the park. The little freak finally gave me a creepy stare. My spine shuttered as he followed his parents to his car. My mom was very upset when we arrived back at home. After that incident, I never went to Monta Vista Park again.

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Mr.Gr said...
on Nov. 15 2016 at 9:41 pm
Mr.Gr, Cupertino, California
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You kept things moving and made me wonder what would happen next. Great job!


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