Our Lake

November 12, 2016
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Did you ever had that one place which has witnessed it all happened? That one place that had recorded it all, that one place which had seen you grow in relationships with some of the special people of your life, like how it started and what it became? I have such a place. Almost an year ago when I went to that place for the very first time I was with bunch of people. We all knew each other a bit, but we didn't really know each other that much. It was just that something told us, we are all going to get along pretty soon and we are gonna call each other "friends", and we thought that we are going to stick together even long after high school and may be forever. That place is actually kind of a small pond with some extra long grass on the side and a few huge and old trees. Although we all knew it was from no angle a lake, but we all started calling it "our lake". We started out by going there once or twice a week, but then we went there almost everyday or at least every other day. This place actually turned us into "friends"; it saw us bonding with each other, it saw us starting to trust each other, it witnessed us starting to believe in each other, it saw us all becoming friends. Sometimes we used to play some little games, sometimes we used to share our stories, sometimes we use to blast music laugh and dance and sing, and sometimes we used to just sit there and listen to the silence or lay there and watch the sky. The little pond was our friend too was used to fill up our bottles or cup with its not so clean water and throw it on each other, or we used to threaten each other that we are gonna throw them into the "lake". We also used to have our special Veggie Pizza and our favorite Ice Coffee or our amazing donuts. Our love for being there at "our lake" with all of our friends never stopped, not even by the cold snowy days, or by the hot sweaty days, or heavy rainy days, or the bad windy days, if we wanted to be there, we were there nothing could really stop us. We all thought we were going to all stick together like this, and nothing is going to change it, but then came life with its silly, selfish and foolish reasons of what happened to us. That place even witnessed us when we started to struggle as friends; when we started putting smily faces as masks to hide our broken hearts, I always felt that, that place knew we were faking it. Suddenly confusion, confessions, regrets, betrayals  and misunderstanding started to mix between us. Someone was right, someone was wrong, someone was sad, someone was broken, someone was confused, someone had regrets, someone felt betrayed, someone felt scared, someone felt responsible and someone felt sorry, yet we didn't know who was what, but I always feels that, that place got all the answers. Then the summer came and our differences grew bigger, we completely stopped going there for almost two months, but when I finally visited it again it was all not so pretty at all, it was all green and and filled with all that fungus. There would off course be something else wrong but my heart believed that the place missed us, and accordingly the "lake" proved me right, when we started paying visits to it although in small broken groups rather than the whole crew, "our lake" still loved  and it became all fresh and amazing again. Whenever we used to go there in small groups we always talked about and missed the days we all spent together and the memories we have from this place, we try to have fun but its just not possible without everyone being the part of it. Yet at this point all of us have grown so far apart from each other, and we have let these wrong things fill the space in between, we have completely stopped trusting each other and we are filled with complains and unanswered questions, that it seems completely impossible to ever get back where we used to be. But, in my heart there's still some hope left, because I know my friends and I know behind the walls of ego they also miss it, and they also want it back. And I think I know how to turn it around, if and only if, for one day, every single one us, besides all our differences, go back to that place, blast the music, play our little games, and have our veggie pizza, ice coffee and our favorite donuts, we are all gonna turn out just fine. I believe in this because I feel like we owe it to ourselves and we owe it to "our lake".

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Zainfie said...
Nov. 12, 2016 at 8:35 pm
This story made me kinda sad. I wish I was their with you guys too when it was fun being there.
Wordless.Soul replied...
Nov. 13, 2016 at 11:01 pm
Thanks Zain.. those days were surely some of the best days of my life.. and you enjoyed some of it bro.. and i dont know about now but i am happy that i atleast have some best memories ☺️
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