Walk Through Hell

October 30, 2016
By TheVoilentCatastrophe GOLD, Mumbai, Other
TheVoilentCatastrophe GOLD, Mumbai, Other
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I see him in every boy I meet. I see the chocolatey eyes which saw me break, I see the sinful smile that spread across as my pieces hit the ground, I see the graceful hair that the wind played with while he played with my heart. I swear, I see every lie that he ever told, every myth that he lured me into when I look at 'other' boys. Sometimes, I can also feel the chaos within me rise and crash simultaneously whenever a boy with the same mischieveous smirk as his walks in my direction....My heart screams at me to never get out of the comfort of my room, never set a foot in the outside world where hundreds like him, and him, are walking along the streets..with their malevolent eyes waiting to make a prey of me. So, I run

I run from anyone who chooses to come near me. I run from everyone that looks into my eyes as if I put stars in the sky, like he did. I run from anyone who dares to hold me in their arms, so comforting and gentle yet, so strong and sure...like he did. I run  from anyone who forms the deceitful sound of 'I love you' laced with lies...like he did, with his honey-like voice. Maybe in running away from everyone like this, I am also running away from the possibility of ever having a 'Happily ever after' or a rythmic 'Fairytale'. But honestly, I don't care. I don't care or mind because I know, that even a scar on the already shattered heart of mine will completely ruin me; I know, that letting anyone as close to my soul as he was just in hopes of a fairytale could destroy me for life. But most importantly, I don't care for a fairytale because I know, that no journey of everlasting love to the deep, safe and glorious station of fairytale lands, colourful skies and splendid heaven would ever be worth the devastating, yet, unimaginably beautiful short walk of hell I had with him.

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