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October 10, 2016
By NinjaEmily BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
NinjaEmily BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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I was actually supposed to be Amanda Rose. Or I was supposed to be Ashlyn Rose. Instead, I’m stuck with Emily Rose Kurtz. Not a lot of people call me Emily anymore though. I’m Em, Emmy, Rosie, or Ellie. Some rude people think its funny to call me Eli. Somedays, I wonder what it would be if my name was Amanda or Ashlyn. I think those are the names of an interesting, sophisticated person. I have even gone under the identity of a strange girl named Elijah. Almost as if I am ashamed of not just my name, but who I am as a person. Your name is who you are, and I don’t tell people the truth. I don’t even tell people my name is Emily, or even Ellie. It just feels wrong in a way. I can’t be who I really am if I don’t accept my name. Even then, no one should be stuck with the wrong identity.

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I've always had trouble with my identity 

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