The Waves in October

October 7, 2016
By , Cloquet, MN

On a cold October night, shadows of light sent from the full moon danced upon our naked bodies as we frolicked through the ice cold water just to feel the great waves crash up against our frigid legs. Although our bodies were numb, we felt ever most infinite as we ran up and down on top of the blankets of water sliding up and down the shore. All that was to be heard was our screaming outbursts of laughter and the waves that roared louder than all of the lions of Africa. Beside the beach, the city glowed brightly like a dark sunset. It was as though a million little lights crawled up the sky like a silk curtain of bright stars hanging from the heavens. A veil of stars danced beautifully across the navy blue sky.


I felt as though Lake Superior was in love with me for she wrapped her body around my legs and tried to pull me into the dark blue waters with each crashing wave telling me to come home. I wished to fulfill her odyssey, but I knew my body was too weak to withstand the lions in the water.

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