Giving a Gift

October 7, 2016
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Giving a gift to someone knowing that it will help someone out is the best feeling in the world. It makes you feel good inside and it is great to think that you helped someone out who may not be as privileged as you.

During this summer I was given the opportunity to help a boy name Fabrice in Africa. This is something that has changed me because I got to see how this boy was living. During this summer I was able to write to him and learn more about what his daily life was. One reason this has impacted to me because I have learned what a wonderful life I have with so many opportunities. Meanwhile, you see how hard Fabrice life is from walking miles to get water that is not even clean and having to help his mother do hard work around the house. When I see this I understand how privileged I am and to not take things for granted. When I noticed how hard his life was I wanted to do something, I wanted to give Fabrice hope so that he can get something out of his life. I was able to support him and get him things that he need for a boy his age. The way I helped Fabrice in Africa was give money to him every month for him and his family. This helped him get vaccines, shoes, clothes, etc. This was meaningful to me because I got to see his life change from him sending me pictures and drawing me pictures. You could see the smile and how he has happier. This gave me the best feeling inside that I could've ever wanted. It really hit me because in his letter he thanked me and that is when I really realized how much this meant for him.

This was a change for me because instead of receiving a gift I was giving a gift to some who needed more than me. I was able to know that I was doing something good in someone’s life and not only was it making an impact in his life it was certainly changing my life because I was seeing how meaningful this was to him and how he was so thankful. So many kids don’t appreciate the things they get but now I am really understand how lucky I am. This has contributed to the person I am today because I don’t take thing for granted and I understand how lucky I am to have the things I have. I am now a person who is giving and wanting to help kids that don’t have the best of life and give them hope for the better. Now day to day life I am more aware of what I have and thankful for the resources I have. Fabrice has really showed me how a little difference can go a long way.

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