My Nanny

October 7, 2016
By Anonymous

In third grade, I was happy and always having fun. My life was like any other third grader.  I dreamt of horses, rainbows, and puppies. I did not know that my life going to change that year. While at a birthday party, one of the most significant things to this date, happened to me. My Nanny passed away.  I was picked up by my friend instead of my parents. I knew something was wrong when I came home. My house was silent, except for the crying I heard from my mom and dad as I walked into our family room.  There, sitting at the counter were my parents. They told me, “Your loving Nanny has passed away.” My grandma’s name was Eileen. She was one of the brightest, funniest and most polite women you will ever meet. She played a huge part in my life, but everything changed with her passing. As a grandma, she taught me to make good decisions, how to be strong, and overall was an amazing role model. To this day, I still look up to her.


To make a decision can be hard, but to make a decision and not look back is even harder. My Nanny made a life changing decision that would impact her life forever. While a young women, she met what would become my grandpa in England. She immediately fell in love and faced a very tremendous decision. The choice was to stay in her home country with her family or move to the United States with someone she loved very much. As a young women there was plenty of pressure, but the biggest part that I reflect on is how she did it without ever looking back. To immigrate to the U.S. without any of your family is something that most people would regret and look back, asking themselves if they made the right choice. This choice helped bring light to her future and help her become the person she is.


As a young girl, growing up in Manchester, England everything was normal, until World War 2 happened. There were many bombings happening, forcing many children to go to the countryside, including my grandma. As a six year old, having something this dramatic happen is life changing, something that many people could never do. It took plenty of courage to leave her home and create a different life without her family. This happening made her a very strong person. It prepared her for her rough journey ahead. In the future, she would be able to overcome most everything with her strength. This attribute of hers inspires me everyday.


Not only was my Nanny an amazing decision maker, but she was an incredible role model. As a young lady, she took initiative and ran her family business. No matter what, she did what was necessary. During the bombings in England, she had to help her siblings and do what was needed to survive. After the war, she was a different person, she had the attributes that many people strive to have. I am glad that I was able to have someone like her to give me guidance and help me out. She is my role model and someone I always strive to be. I strive to be a caring and considerate role model just like she was.


I wish everyone knew my Nan. For someone to be so strong and to have gone through so much, makes me feel as her granddaughter, that she is a role model, strong, and exemplifies the best of decision making. I love her and miss her everyday, and I know these characteristics will shine bright in me. I love you and hope that you are enjoying life in heaven with God.

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