October 5, 2016
By magic_mafia BRONZE, Sacramento, California
magic_mafia BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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It was a sunny summer morning and Ms. Heinrich’s 3rd grade class went on the annual end of year field trip. This year, the class would be taken to the local community center. At the community center, the class was granted access to the pool.

Weeks prior to this, Ms. Heinrich would say,

”I want everyone to have a good time so some swimming experience is needed, so if possible, please get some practice.”


The trip was one of my last opportunities to impress my childhood crush, Liliana. I already had some swim experience using my backyard pool, but not in a diving pool that is almost 10 feet deep. I felt pretty confident on going on this trip and impressing Liliana with a flip into the pool.


On the day of the trip, the class to a school bus to the community center. Once the class got to the center, the lifeguards conducted a test to see and grant access to the select few who can go into the deep end.

           “Line up single file, you will swim from here, to here, the faster, the better.”
            “Get ready”
            “Go” said the blond lifeguard.
At this moment I did the best i could to swim to the other side of the shallow end.

“Time!” is what I heard coming out the lifeguards mouth. I have successfully made it to the other side and was given access to the deep end.


RIght there, I realised that was step 1 to impress Liliana. Next step was to get Liliana’s attention. Once i got Liliana’s attention,I just went for it. I got on the diving board, made sure that Liliana was looking and did a backflip into the pool.


When I hit the water, I immediately started freaking out. I was sinking deeper and deeper. I was pretty sure that I was going to drown. I’m pretty sure that the lifeguards were confused as if I was drowning or not. Close to death, something inside of my heart and my mind, told me that I could not die, and that i had to make it out alive. That’s exactly what happened. As a miracle, I made it out alive and managed to swim to the edge of the pool and got out. It was a pretty fearful expierience but from that day on, I learned how to float and advanced my swim skills, and best of all, Liliana was impressed.

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