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September 30, 2016
By Jam14 BRONZE, Brighton, Colorado
Jam14 BRONZE, Brighton, Colorado
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I believe that a simple teddy bear can be very important.  I've had many things that are important to me but this one teddy bear is more important to me. It is something special my dad gave me that can be with me the entire time. This object is the only thing that I have of my dad that is special. Yeah, I may have pictures, memories with him, but this teddy bear is something that stays with me and makes me feel that he's still with me. My dad may not be with me but he this teddy bear makes me feel like he's with me. I believe in my teddy bear because it reminds me of my dad, it makes me feel like I'm talking to him, and it's the only special item that my dad gave me.


Remembering my dad is very important to me because ever since he passed away this teddy bear reminds me more of him. It makes me feel like he’s with me at all times. If I feel like talking to my dad, I talk to my teddy bear because it feels like I have my dad with me once again. I sleep with teddy bear every night, and it makes me also feel good. I believe this teddy bear makes me have comfort, it's soft and I believe it soaks up tears and laughter. It's like a safety blanket to me. It's like a bestfriend that you'll ever have, that I'll ever have. My dad to me was a best friend/hero. He would always be there for me, help me through everything, and take care of me all the time. Not having him with me anymore does hurt but that is why I have my teddy bear every night.

When  I was little I would always talk to my dad. I would be daddy's little girl always playing with him. I was his princess, and he would be my King.He would be the person I trusted the most and would never want to stop talking to him. My dad was the person I would always look up to and the only person I trusted the most. This may sound childish that I talk to a teddy bear but it doesn't seem like that to me because it's something I believe that reminds me of a hero I had in my life. This teddy bear may not be an expensive gift or something that is valuable but it's something that is important to me. He may have been rough on me but I'm pretty sure every dad is like that to their first child to teach them wants rights and what's wrong in life. He was my hero and that is why my teddy bear is like my hero to cuz it's like my dad.


When I was little my dad would buy me many stuff. Toys, clothes, and etc.. But this teddy bear was the best and most special item that my dad has given me. That day was the first time I walked into a Build-A-Bear store. I was pretty happy to be choosing a bear with my dad because it would also be my first teddy bear. I was anxious to pick out the best bear and the one my dad also liked. We both saw this like cream bear and we picked it out together. We stuffed it, washed it, and picked out a outfit for it. I would say that day was the best day I had with my dad. I will always remember this day with my dad.

Even though my dad isn't with me anymore I still have this teddy bear with me. Everything reminds me about my dad no matter what it is. I will never forget him. That is why this teddy bear is very important to me because it reminds me of my dad, it makes me feel like I'm talking to him, and it's the only special item that my dad gave me. That is why I Believe this simple teddy bear is something that I look up to and I can trust just like when I had my dad with me. I'm very thankful to have had a wonderful dad with me for 11 years. He will always be with me even as a teddy bear.

The author's comments:

This pieces is something I believe in and makes me feel comfortable.

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