Being Alone

September 27, 2016
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The laughter of children on the school playground filled the crisp fall air. The teachers gathered under the pavilion, the ‘jocks’ rallied the courts and fields. The nerds occupy the benches. There were one or two kids who had no place, the ones who sat by themselves, Outcasts hiding in the shadows and watching other people play with their friends hoping one day that they too would have one friend or oneplace they could call their own.

Being alone molded me into what society would label as an introvert, wallflower, loner and maybe even a brooder. I embraced the label and took it in under my wings as my own. This was what paved the road to discovering some passions i hold dear to my heart today, such as reading novels and books. Reading helped me form a little world of my own in my head where i was the leader, where i was brave and where people looked up to me,  it taught me new and wonderful things about history, politics and government. Reading at that age what most adults would consider mature material also enlightened me to a skill and a sort of hobby i love today, having adult topic discussions with older and more mature people in my family, we talked about everything from politics to religion to science, it helped me understand that people could get along and not form little cliques in the sort of adult public sphere playground ,even if they had different opinions. Going into freshman year, i was expecting it to be a little better, well i didn’t really get what i had hoped for. I was still a bit of an outcast, although i had met one person who i became very close to and continues to be my best friend today, she taught me to love myself, and to love my passions and strive for a higher goal. Those last five words she always told me when i was slacking was another foundation and possibly the match that turned  this passion i had acquired in middle school to a ‘higher goal’, i started to get involved with U.S politics over multimedia platforms such as the debates on tv, debates with my family members,  the world news or a book over Alexander Hamilton’s 1st bank of the united states.


All these hobbies i grew to love have set me on a certain path, the path that in sixth grade i was reading books hoping one day i was that leader, where i was brave and where people looked up to me. The path that contained the hours of discussions with adults of different political and religious opinions that taught me to accept everyone and that everyone had an important say in this playground we call society. The path that appreciated The hundreds of pages i've read freshman year over founding fathers and the constitution and how we use their ideologies in our modern world. And last and certainly not least, to pick something you love and love it with all the effort you can give, and to strive to that highest goal, no matter how hard it is and that is why i'm heading down that road to become the future president of the United States of America.

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