How Old Were You When You First Discovered Your Own Sense of Spirituality?

September 26, 2016
By , Casablanca, Morocco

I was 11. My parents decided to go to Marrakech. My cousin was with us. He's older than me. I think that he's 24. He studies at university. He wants to be a environment specialist. He used to stay with us few months to pass an internship. 

When we was on our road to Marrakech, my cousin showed me a book. I think that it was a gift from a classmate. It was a Paulo Coelho's book called L'alchimiste. He asked me if I wanted to read the book. Of course I said yes because I love reading books. Every types of books, from fantastic stories to Sherlock Holmes adventures. I started reading the story. It was really interesting, intense and full of secrets. I really appreciate Paulo Coelho's work. But at the beginning, I was just reading, like any other reader, the adventure of a poor man. After that, I understood the real meaning of the story: we are all on Earth, busy finding a meaning to our existence, finding answers to our questions; we are all engaged in a spiritual quest except that some have understood that and some are sinking into ignorance.

Next, I wanted to discover a new world: Spirituality. I didn't have yet a concret idea on that. However I realized that I have to do it; I wanted to do it.

Then one day, I asked my French teacher, Mrs Nadia, if she can lend me one of her books: Maktub. Another work of Paulo Coelho.

It wasn't a story. It was a collection of experiences, anecdotes, life learnings. At the end, I felt more mature. I had a new outlook on life. On my life, my experiences. On all the people arround me. On the world.

I'm a believer. A muslim girl. We can't have all of us the same  notion about spirituality. For me spirituality is to be able to build a strong relationship with God and to enter into a kind of trance where your soul is with God, then to feel the serenity invading you from head to toe.

Sometimes when I listen to music, I feel intense joy or nostalgia and sadness.

Or when I reach a certain level of connection with God, I feel chills through my body.

This is my own sense of spirituality.

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