A True Story

September 29, 2016

I am going to tell a series of true stories that have happened to me

Number 1:
I was followed
I was walking to school, nothing happened. I walk home, I was followed. He looked super sketchy. I didn’t even walk down my road. I was just walking. Aimlessly. It was so terrifying. I eventually went to a crowded area and he disappeared. This is the first time I have told this story to anyone.

Number 2:
I was almost mugged
I was walking to get some exercise, and ever since I was followed, I keep a pocket knife with me when I walk. This time it came in handy. So, I was walking, and someone was walking towards me. I thought it was a just a person taking a walk as well. So, being nice, I said hello. He didn’t  say hello back. Instead, he asked what I got on me. I said nothing much. Then, he said empty your pockets, that was a signal that I was Being robbed. I pulled out the knife, and said I’m not afraid to use this. And he said something along the lines of what is that a stick. I flipped the knife open and he shut up. I said move closer and I cut you. He ran away fast.


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