Getting Caught Ditching

September 23, 2016

So last year Emmanuel , Michael , and me came to school and ditched like three times a week.We would go to the park when we would ditch and then McDonald's , Subway , Taco Bell something like that but Emmanuel would say ” Let's go to subway today and taco bell tomorrow’’. We never did anything bad except ditching. I learned my lesson and “I will never ever ditch again In my life” says Ricardo.


This was like a everyday thing but in then i stopped ditching and so did emmanuel. But my friend michael still ditched them the last two weeks of school he got expelled for something he did or had on him on going to say. The only reason I got caught was because I ditched the whole week before christmas break . “Oh your son has been missing for more than 5 days “, Said Ms.Ramos.


It was the last week before christmas break on a Wednesday Ms.Ramos called my dad saying ,”MrH or Ricardo hasn’t been to school in 5 days or more. Then my dad called me and i didn’t answer he left me a voicemail. I was really scared I didn’t know what to do so i stayed at the park until 3 pm and then went home. At 6 pm my dad got home and i had on like 3 jackets and 3 sweats on but it was point less he said if it happen again he will hit me. After that i learned my lesson that ,”I will never ever ditch again in my life” says Ricardo . The END    

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