40 Bucks for a Change

September 23, 2016
By JeffChang BRONZE, Sacramento, California
JeffChang BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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  “It’s chilly today” I said, yawning.


“Yeah, it is. Should’ve stayed home. I’m going to go to Kev’s house, wanna go?” said Jim


 “Not today. I got to ace that quiz you know.” I said chuckling.


 I wasn’t too bad at school, I was an average kid. My friends barely attended school and rarely do i ditch with them. I only had about 8 close friends, 6 of the 8 is always off somewhere not in school. The other 2 are the type of boys that’ll never ditch in their life and I liked how true they are to themselves. Name, Jesse and Keng.


“Ready for the quiz?” Jesse said smiling like always.


 “Oh my god, s*** I didn’t even study for it.” Keng said like the nervous wreck he is.


“Who studies?” I said laughing.


First period started and ended in a flash. Second period was always so fun for me all my friends were in there and we’ll talk the time throughout the class time. Again that day was a quick day. Bell rang for school to end and I was already headed home. It was a perfect day, not hot and not too cold. Walking home from school was always a good way to clear my head. Once I got close to home i can say a figure far away of a skinny boy in a gray sweater. I could tell who it is.

     “Jim!” I shouted and waved hello as he walked my way.

     “Let’s go to Foodstop. You got some money on you because I’m out.” Jim said.

     “Sure. Just hold up let me get my money.” I said walking up to my house door.

     “Alright. Hurry though I’m about to meet up with Kev them at the park. We could head there after.”


After buying a couple of bags of chip we headed for the park close to my house. This park has always been our meet up area. I could see a crowd of at least 10 people sitting on the benches under the shade. There was a couple of new faces i haven’t seen before. A big man in a puffy black jacket, a small girl Asian with piercings on her nose. We just sat there looking at the sun go down. Slowly it was getting darker. Wanting to go home I made a quick statement of me saying I had to go home for some lame reason.

Next Day


    “You saw my plays yesterday” said Keng trying to look as triumphant as he can.

    “Yeah not gonna lie that was cool. The combo you did as Lee Sin (League of Legends character) was pretty beast.” I said.

    “Dude let me copy your work though, Keng.” I said trying to bribe him with my nice words.

    “Oh yeah that’s right, Keng let me copy too.” Said Jesse

    “Sure sure.’ said Keng sighing.


Middle school goes by quick and it was time for my daily walk to home from school. I see Kev and Jim waiting for me in front of the lady that always sells candy and such. We continue walking and talking till I get home.

    “Kev and me are going to be at the park. You got to come, yesterday you flaked out on us and left. Today you ain’t leaving till dark.” Jim said in a crooked smile.

    “Aha what do you mean I “flaked out” I was with y’all till 8 that’s hella late.”I said thinking they weren’t serious.

    “Boy, we gonna stay till 11 tonight.” said Kev laughing.

    “Y’all really serious?” I said feeling worried


I got dragged with them the next couple days. I didn’t come home till midnight each day. My mom would scold me but I would walk away quicker right into my room. It’s been like that these days, I’m trying to avoid my mom and her favorite saying “Those kids are bad don’t associate yourself with them!”


Again it was the same routine of waking up and then going to school and finally walking home. Kev and Jim waited for me like usual. This time I was told to bring money again so we can go buy junk. I had no money left and I did not want to be asking my parents for money.


“You guys can go ahead I have no money and I’m hella tired right now.”I said trying to relax at home.


“Just ask your mom.” Kev said while picking at my fruit tree.


“I don’t want to it seems kinda petty to do that.” I said trying to make an excuse to go rest.


“Then quickly grab a couple bucks and come with us. Not like you are such a good boy and haven’t stole before with us.” Jim said laughing with Kev.


“Yea thats true. Fine I’ll try a quick grab and go.” I said succumbing to their influence.


I quickly went into the room and slip my hand into my mom’s purse trying to search around her “Michael Kors” bag. I found it a wallet. I quickly open it and grab two, twenty dollar bills. I turn back and I could see my mom’s shocked face. I crumpled the money in my hand and quickly turned away and ran out the door. I met up with Jim and the others and doze off into a state of not worrying about a thing. Just me and my “friends”.


I was at the front steps of my house and I could see that there were guests. I entered the house and saw that my 2 uncles had come to talk to me about my wrong doings and how it had hurt my mom.


“Yeah I know what I did was wrong. It was just a thing that happened in the spur of the moment. I regret doing it.” I said.


“That’s all that matters, you knowing that what you did was wrong. The money that you stole is not a problem but the fact that you stole from your mother is.” my uncle said in a calm and admirable voice.


“I know that. It was stupid I won’t do it again.” I said with a flush of embarrassment.


My mom had red eyes, she must’ve crying. I felt a sudden anger towards myself. I hated that I had done this and I wanted change, quick.


I had stopped hanging with those so called friends that led me to the wrong path. We may see each other but I quit the late nights out. I felt redeemed about the way I did it. I never tried to hurt my mom again.

The author's comments:

 This was a big part of my life and how I changed. After becoming a better man in my mom's eyes it felt good and know I am always trying to prove myself worthy.

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