Forgetting Bug Spray

September 23, 2016
By jacbgg BRONZE, Sacramento, California
jacbgg BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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“Plz take your seats we'll be landing shortly.” the pilot said as the airplane was getting ready to land.

We landed at Guadalajara around 4am. My cousin asked if i had bug spray which i did not. So as i got out the airport we drove to juchitlan.

The next day when it was time to go to bed i left the windows open because it was hot. When i woke up i had so many mosquito bites.

Each day i would wake up to new mosquito bites. I've learned that the number 2 thing you need to go to mexico is bug spray because the number 1 thing you need is your passport. I have scars from the mosquito bites. Everytime i look at them i remember how much fun i had in Mexico .

When i go back to Mexico this summer i will remember to bring bug spray.

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