Walmart Shenanigans

September 23, 2016
By , Sacramento, CA

It happen on a Saturday me and my friend Abel were riding bikes around the hood early in the morning. Abel wanted to go to shop smart to buy some t-shirts for school. I didn't really want to go cause it was really far away but he convinced me & we went. When we got there he picked the shirts really fast & we left.

On the way back i asked Abel “ Aye bro you got some money left over cause i'm kinda hungry “

Abel responded “ Nah i got like a few quarters left over “

Then i said “ Damn you tryna go to Walmart & take something from there “

Abel said “ Nah lets just go back to my house & eat “

I responded with “ That's hella far  “

Then Abel said “ Alright f*** it “

While we were going i kinda had a bad feeling about it but we’ve done it before & it was really easy but we’ve never done it at walmart. So we got to walmart & i noticed abel not really being sure about this but i didn't see it as a big deal i had this mindset that if we get caught nothing major would happen they would probably just kick us out or something. We got in the store we looked for some drinks & grabbed 2 bags of chips. I put my bag in my sweater & had the drink in my pants. We looked for an exit that didn't have any security guard. We tried to get out the side entrance where they sell the garden stuff & we didn't see any security guard so it was perfect. We new we were going to have to start running because the sensors.

So i said to Abel “ Make sure you run as fast as you can when we walk through those sensors “

So right when we walked through those sensors they started beeping & we ran out & made it out the door. When we were outside we ran right in front of a security guard. We didn't run from him cause we didn't want to get in anymore trouble.


The security guard grabbed us & brought us right back inside & made us sit the this office where there's cameras & stuff. He called my parents & they had to come pick us up. It was the most embarrassing experience i have ever went through. I learned to never steal no matter what.

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