The Magnificent Meaning of Memorial Day

September 28, 2016
By Charmander9964 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
Charmander9964 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Memorial Day is a holiday honoring the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and independence. These veterans fought in wars, they barged on the battlefield and they attacked America’s threats. They knew the dangers and yet they wanted to help America because they were proud of their country.

Americans know at least person that fought in a war. For some, like myself, it’s a grandparent (mine fought in the Korean War). For some, it’s a parent, or a sibling. I feel proud to have the brave and noble warrior as my grandpa.

Some members of the service survived to tell their stories, but not every soldier came back from the battlefield. Some, despite their bravery, or their faith in America, fell to enemy forces. But despite knowing the risks, our servicemen and women prepared for a bloody battle, and fought for our freedom. I’m thankful my grandpa made it back alive, and I’m also grateful for those who unfortunately passed away while in the combat zone. It’s their efforts that keep the American dream alive. And it is those members of the military we honor on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is honors our  men and women. They are fighting to protect the American dream, which is the idea that we, as Americans, can  embark on whatever path we choose. Our founding fathers wanted a free country where people could learn and believe what they want and so they came to America. They too are who we honor on Memorial Day.

Soldiers have passion for our country. And we should show our thanks. So when Memorial Day (or any other holiday revolving veterans) comes along, please pay respect to those who risked their lives for our freedom. You could do this through verbal thanks, through prayers, through visiting their grave, or through anything that shows you are thankful.

Memorial Day is a day where we take time out of our day to thank those who perished in war, for fighting for our country and our American Freedom.

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