Mini Market

September 23, 2016
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“This mini market has vegetables, can you wait before we go home Allan?” Mom said calmly.

I reply “ok fine, I guess I”ll go with you.” When we enter the mini market, we see vegetables.

“Allan can  you wait near the cashier after I’m done picking vegetables that we need?” Mom shouted. When I saw the green small pack of gum that I want so bad.

“Yeah I’ll wait here but you better hurry.” I quickly snatch the gum quickly in my pocket without anyone noticing. After a few minutes, my mom came to the cashier and pay for the vegetables she bought.

“Let’s go home.” Mom said. We came home from the mini market and saw mom saw me pull out a pack of gum and said in a angry voice. “Did you steal that gum in the mini market?”

I replied. “Yes.”

“Well you are lucky that you did not get caught. At least you did not get caught but don’t steal like gum again like that ok?”

I angrily replied. “Ok”.

If we got caught like that, then I’ll be in trouble to and maybe coulda got fine from that stupidity move you did in the mini market, stealing that one pack of gum.

  I quickly replied. “But I like chewing gum and it taste good.” Mom stared at me.

This happen long time ago. From this experience, I thought to myself what would the punishment be if I got caught stealing gum in a mini market. That mistake i done was stupid because I was so desperate for the green color pack of gum. After this mistake, I learn to not steal gum anymore because it’s just a small chewing food.

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