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September 15, 2016
By jason52328 BRONZE, Mundelein, Illinois
jason52328 BRONZE, Mundelein, Illinois
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All my life my parents always told me “go to school and study it will help your future”. I was always reminded of how important school was and how vital it was to be successful in life.  I knew my parents were right and I knew I wasn't being the ideal student I wanted to be.  I had a bad habit of not turning in my homework and not focusing on what I needed to do. I was always a busy student involved in wrestling and football and other clubs but I  did not keep up with my responsibilities.  I clearly remember one day my teacher Mr. Teichert telling me “Anything you decide to do in life do it right and work hard until you achieve it”. His words motivated me to achieve what I wanted to do and I did end up on the honor roll in middle school and receive a biliteracy award. After graduation I realized suddenly that I was no longer a small middle schooler and I would move on to high school. I feel like I was a bit unprepared and I still had some bad study habits that needed to be improved in order to be successful. I did not start of the year very well and I wasn't turning in homework and keeping up. The transition from taking common core and advanced classes to taking a full college history course while doing athletics was overwhelming. I wanted to be successful in all my classes but I would constantly just not get work done and make excuses. I started using athletics to motivate me to push for better grades now because if you don't have good grades you can't participate in athletics. I had always wanted to participate in sports such as football. It turned out I ended up being a very vital piece for the offensive line as a left tackle so I couldn't let my team down. So what I recently started doing is I promise myself at least an hour of homework or studying or until I finished my work. Another thing I did to improve is I made a strict schoolwork schedule and plan ahead for myevents and practices. And finally budget my time a lot better to make time for important things and prioritize things that matter. The reason why I am doing this is to help me prepare become not just a better athlete but a better student. I want to be able to identify as a student athlete with stable and good grades.

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it is a personal narrative

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