Changing Too Fast

September 11, 2016
By DarthWriter BRONZE, Yorktown, Virginia
DarthWriter BRONZE, Yorktown, Virginia
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I remember my first day of middle school like it was yesterday. I was nervous about a ton of things, like getting to my classes on time, meeting new friends, and even lunch! Then, I saw some of my soon-to-be classmates.


Something had happened over the summer. There was one girl in my gym class with her hair dyed blue and blonde, when her hair was originally brown!I saw at least seven girls breaking the dress code, and four of them were decked out in "Goth gear". Later in my 6th grade year, a girl moved to my school, and entered my science class. She literally broke the dress code four out of every five days, and counting! Plus, my best friend from Kindergarten now never missed a day without her choker and something black. Black lipstick became the new trend. Ripped jeans and chokers were "in". Rules were broen every day, and even one of my closese friends from preschool started cussing. Where was I in all this. The kid no one wanted to sit with at lunch. The nerd. The outcast, if you will. Then, I met two girls, who became my best friends (I would name them, but for privacy reasons, I won't). Honestle, it's sad that my two best friends are people I had just met, and not people I had known for a long time. Now, I have moved on, and those two girls are still my two best friends. I have also met a ton of other awesome friends, including a few boys! But, I still think my generation is changing too fast to keep up.

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I fully believe everything I wrote in this piece.

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