Please write my obituary

September 7, 2016
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When this body loses its function and this soul leaves to do something else I beg of you to write my obituary.

Write on your own way, with your simple but kind words. Tell the truth about me and what I meant to you. Kiss the paper and leave it inside my coffin because if I must be gone it has to be done with a piece of you.

Spell my name with your sloppy handwriting because sloppy I am with my tongue whenever it means to say I love you.

Tell our tales just like that time where I made you drive until five in the morning because life is supposed to be lived and felt till our eyelids close.

Describe the way I am through your lenses. Tell people the me no one ever got to see because I was only meant for you. Make'em feel jealous of how brilliant you made me look. Please, write my obituary. 

Write down my heart but do it kindly. Embrace the pen and the ink making the stationary paper be your canvas and paint my soul away. Let your hand be free to say the truth about my sadness, don't feel bad about exposing the real me because at some point it has to be seen.

Let my family know the bits of me I couldn't show them. And please tell them I used to hide not because I don't love them but because the uncertainty of acceptance tangles my tongue and I'm never sure how to spell it out.

Please write my obituary.

Because I must be gone with your words. I must be who I see when I look into your eyes. I must love myself like you love me. I must embody you in me so when I'm gone this soul won't remain alone.

Please write my obituary because I need to ease the ache of leaving with your gentle touch otherwise I'd be just another name that will be forgotten among the routine but if I'm meant to be remembered it has to be from your perspective cause no one got to upgrade myself like you've done.

So congratulations for improving this soul into something worthy of compliments and memories. And please, mark me with your words so I can become infinite.

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