Morning Routines

August 5, 2016
By Anonymous

Okay, let us talk about morning routines. Who here think that morning routines are useless and hard to stick to? Or do you follow a routine and have a planned morning? Let me know in the comments!

Sadly, I will tell you that I couldn’t follow a morning routine? Why, well that’s easy. It’s because whenever I try to have a morning routine, I make it too difficult or I try to use other people’s morning routines who seem perfect. Well, I have news for you. None of us are perfect and your morning routine won’t be either.

So, our typical morning routines have the things we should do in the mornings, what time we do them, and when we are getting up, right? As this may be right, it is also the wrong way to handle your morning. It will put you in a foul mood and won’t allow you to have the successful day that you want. So, you ask, how do I have a plan for my morning without having it lead to a stressful day? Simple, why don’t you follow me as we go on that journey?

First thing first: alarms. Am I the only one that dreads hearing that awful sound when I wake up? Probably not… Want a solution? Get one of those free apps that allows you to wake up to your favorite song. Can’t we do this without an app? Yes. The difference? You can download an app that tracks your sleep based on your breathing and wakes you up when you are sleeping the lightest within a half an hour time span. Now you will wake up refreshed and ready to start the day, or go on with your routine.

Now, if you’re like me you like to wake up with a cup of coffee and your emails, twitter Facebook, Etc.? This is actually going to cause you to get tired more quickly and will cause for a less successful day. My suggestion? Drink a big glass of water before you go to the coffee and leave your phone on the charger for at least an hour after getting up.

Okay, shower time. Did you read my last article about showering? I hope so. It explains how to shower correctly, so if you didn’t go ahead and take a break from this and go read that article. You’re back? Great. Now onto the next thing.


Okay, now the rest of your routine is up to you. But I do have a few tips for you:
• Always go to bed with your room clean. Less trouble in the morning.
• Don’t worry about timing with your routine. Instead, make a playlist and turn it on first thing. Have it last where you are walking out the door when it ends.
• Always think: Be kind to your future self.
• Have a great day and try to stay positive.



This is me, reminding you to sip the coffee, enjoy life, and dance in the rain!

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