Failure Is the Last Approaching Train of Success

August 1, 2016
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‘No failure, no failure
Failure is the shadow’ o
Of success
No failure, no failure
Failure is the changing body of
Of success
No failure, no failure
Failure is the last approaching train of success.’

These words from spiritual master, Sri Chinmoy, explain how he understands the concept of failure.

When I hear someone talking about ‘success after failure’, there is only one person whose name strikes me —Walt Disney. At the age of 22, he was fired from a Missouri newspaper for not being creative enough. But he is the same man who gave us Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh.

The problem that I faced was time management, which got noticed for the first time during my Grade IX midterms. Also, with this, I noticed a dip in my marks. The reason: I always thought that I would complete this chapter after this is done and by the time I sat with everything I did not have much time left. By then, the pressure had already built up and it took a toll on me. At the last hour, I would realise that I still had five chapters to learn and revise three. Consequently, I could not complete my syllabus, and because I still had so much to study the night before exams, I could not sleep well. That is why my exams went as horrible as possible.
Once they were over and we got a two-day breather, I spoke to my parents. Interestingly, they told me they had the same problem when they were my age. I suppose more or less every child of my age faces the same problem. Anyway, they told me how they had coped with the problem. Both of them worked around timetables and tried to follow it as religiously as possible .I decided to give it a shot. But slowly, with time, I realised that the art of making time- tables is also not as easy as it seems. Sometimes I would make it too easy to cope with and sometimes it became too difficult. But soon, as time progressed I learnt that too. Instantly, my grades also changed for the better. Now I am not as bad as I used to be and have started to pick up little tricks along the way. I won’t say that I have totally mastered the technique but I’ am still on the learning curve.

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