How I Feel

July 30, 2016
By DestinyJayde SILVER, Walkerville , Michigan
DestinyJayde SILVER, Walkerville , Michigan
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I know not very many people are going to care about what I feel. But anyways I feel this alone I'm always being left out of everything I'm always picked last in school activities. I'm even left out of family outings. But I know you think that I would be used to being alone. But I'm not I sit alone everyday in my bedroom nobody to talk to because I have nobody to talk to. Sometimes I think everybody hates me. No one ever notices me when I'm around or if that's what I think anyways they see me but choose to act like I'm not there. We live in an unfair world. The world that we live in is not how it should be. People should not be being left out just because of their looks or they're not smart enough. I'm done being left out. I want to be heard.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this piece is just I want people to know how I feel not very many people are honestly going to care about how I feel but I just wanted to tell people about it

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