Fight for you

May 20, 2014
It is devastating when you get to a point in your life where you have worked like crazy to get there and you turn around and nobody is there to support you and cheer you on. Yes, there is teachers, caseworkers, and other well-meaning adults there but there is a point that you don’t want them there! You want your family! Your mom! Your siblings! Your cousins! Your aunts and uncle! And your grandparents! You want them there so bad that you would do anything to get them there. But then you realize they CHOOSE not to be there. They CHOOSE to give up on you! They CHOOSE it. And then comes the point where you don’t want to fight this battle any longer. It has only caused you heartbreak and pain and suffering. And you are TIRED OF IT! You don’t want to end it, you simply refuse to fight so hard! NO! You don’t give up on your dreams. But you stop trying to prove them wrong. You know without a shadow of a doubt that they were wrong. They had NO RIGHT TO GIVE UP ON YOU! And you are not going to fight for them anymore. They can deal with whatever comes their way. It is not your problem anymore. They made it that way. They will have to live with the consequences of letting you go. Never seeing you graduate from high school. Never seeing you get your degree in your future career. Never seeing you walk down the aisle to your happy ending…to your prince charming. Never seeing their grandkids. They have made you sad and depressed long enough. Now it is time to start fighting for your own life. Make it your own. Make your confidence so high that it soars through the roof. Be successful. Be happy. Be you. Now let go of the past, don’t forget it because there is good things in there but let all the negatively fly away with the wind. Remember who you are and fight to make a better you. Don’t give up. EVER! Don’t stop fighting. But choose a different battle. Let the goodness inside of you flow and let it eat all of the bitterness and fear. Start depending on you. Be open. Trust people for not all are bad. But most importantly be you. Don’t EVER stop fighting for you are worth it. Let it all go. Slam the door and never look back for the past is in the past.

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