Me Without You

April 27, 2014
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Without him there's no reason. No reason to wake up, to dream, to move, to run, to listen, to even smile. There's just no point. He presented himself to me and I gave myself to him. My heart, my soul, my mind, my emotions, me everything. He used to cherish it and enlighten it and make me better. Then he started taking small steps away. Eventually they were constant full length strides taking myself away from my being. Every step he took made me less and less me until all I was left with was this body. My hair, clothes, skin and shoes make me look like me, but I'm not me anymore. There's no more light in my eyes. They don't light up when I talk about something I used to really love. I don't smile at the thought of life anymore. I walk slowly with no intention of getting anywhere. I have no motivation. I just don't care. I invested myself in his love, and sadly, I made a bad bet and lost it all.

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