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Ninja Mode: Life Story

April 2, 2014
By Kaylee Dillard BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
Kaylee Dillard BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
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Bugs. The one word that makes me want to hide and scream. They are my arch-nemesis. From ladybugs to cockroaches, every single kind of bug freaks me out. When I see a bug in any place and at any time I automatically go to ninja mode. First, I grab a weapon. Then secondly, I create an attack position. I either hide behind something and wait to surprise the bug or create a ninja position. Third, I start screaming. This will startle the bug, but I don’t do it too loud or else it will try to run. Lastly, I close my eyes and keep whacking it until my parents yell at me to quit because it is already died or stop when I feel like the bug was punished enough for being in my presence. Me vs. a bug is just like the civil war, a battle of life or death, but I need to move on sometimes or else it will affect my life forever.
My definition of spiders: creepy, crawly things that attack me on purpose. I am the only one in the whole house that finds spiders. They are in the bathroom when I have to go. They “magically” crawl out of the dirt and grass right in front of me as I walk. There in the shower right as I am about to turn the water on. Maybe its just because I am bad luck or its because they are out to get me. I do kill them and their families often. I do hate bugs with a passion, but don’t get me started about bees. My fear started on a sunny day at Meijer.
In the afternoon, I went grocery shopping with the Griesmeyer’s at Meijer. It was a shorts and t-shirt kind of day. The blazing sun was out and it was a perfect temperature. Not too hot and not too cold. After exiting Meijer and putting all of the groceries in the truck, Sam and I went inside the car. Lisa, Sam’s mom, was taking the cart back. The car was a regular sized car, but not the best quality. I went in the back seat and Sam was in the passenger seat. We were hanging out and waiting for Lisa to come back and the start the car. As we were waiting I could hear a noise, like someone was whispering or a buzzing ring was in my ear. I turned my head and there it was. A black and yellow striped bee with its eyes staring at me. I went into panic mode and started screaming. I swung the door open and jumped out screaming and then came the water works. Sam got out of the car and started laughing at me. Then Lisa came running back wondering what happened. “There is a bee in the car,” I said out of breathe and still crying. They both were laughing. I was upset at first because that bee could have killed me, but then I started laughing with them. Lisa got the bee out and it was all okay. I was first hesitate to getting back in the car, but I did.
My fear of bees and other insects are still strong today. When I see a bug I am scared and creeped out, but I overcome that fear by moving on. This is just like life. If something bad happens it is a struggle at first and it will always stay in your heart, but eventually you have to keep going on with your life. Bad things happen, but a lot of good things happen too. Don’t let those bad things ruin your life. Just like my fear of bugs. I do hate them with a passion, but I willn’t stay away from them forever.

The author's comments:
This story is about my arch-nemesis.

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