My First Drive Alone

March 26, 2014
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You ever had such a rush and it made you so excited that it was unbelievable? You ever had that rush be so extreme that you had to pinch yourself? Well my first drive alone was my unbelievably extreme rush…. At least I thought so.

It was a Friday night and I was stuck at home with my parents. I thought about going to sleep until I realized “hey I have a license, there’s a car outside, and I’m probably the only 17 year old at home with her parents on a Friday night.” So of course I’m nervous, heck I’m shaking in my boots literally! So I finally get up the courage to ask, but I didn’t know what to say. So I go back in the bathroom to practice what to say and I got it. As I proceed to the room which my mother is in I ask “Mom can I borrow the car?” and she says “Sure as long as your dad says yes” and of course he says yes so out the door I go all excited and wound up.

I pull off and I immediately turn the music on and began to cruise. I was already excited and I couldn’t wait for people to see me driving on my own. I drove on all the popular streets, but no one was around. Of course my confidence got a little low, but it was all okay I didn’t care because I could just go visit my family. As I continued to drive, I noticed how boring it was to drive alone, but I still didn’t care because I still had people to go and see. So I go and visit a few cousins of mine and to my surprise when I get there, they aren’t there. I was beginning to think this could be the worst “first drive alone” ever. I parked and thought “this can’t get any worst, just make the best out of a bad situation.”

Ten minutes after I pull off from where I parked my dad calls and say “we need the car and I need you to be on your way in like ten minutes.” Right after I got off the phone with him my cousins called and said they wanted to see me and I immediately panic. So at the moment I’m struggling trying to decide if have time to see them and return the car in time. My exciting “first drive alone” just turned into “the first drive I wish I never had. At the moment im struggling trying to decide if I can see them and return the car in time. Can you say PANIC? I was so frantic and confused that I just drove on home.

Moral of the story is, my first drive alone was HORRIBLE. I felt lonely, couldn’t see anyone, and I could’ve stayed home. The worst part about this all is that it was a Friday night.

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