Stand up tonight... today... Just stand up and help

December 16, 2013
My memories are a fragment of my existence! Those I will continuously treasure individually. I can’t lease nor give up. I imagine that we were all born not for a motive, but so we can take whom we are and make us more than what other’s put us out to be. I tend to float away from the crowd because I am not who they wanted me to be. This world is bipolar there is love, hate and mixed emotions… Trust me I would know. I hate bullies there is no need to put other’s down to make you’re self look cool or just to make you feel better. Everyone is different… no one is the same. No matter where you go there will be those people. But if we stick up together… then we can make a difference let people know about the group lets become the biggest group and if you think what other’s say is lame then you can leave this group cause everyone has there own point of view and if you don’t agree then please just keep it to you’re self…. I want every one to know this… This group is for those who need to talk who are being bullied and you can talk to me I swear it won’t get out unless you ask me to. I want to help… So please just let me. I know when all this started no one was there for me and I went through a stage. Bulling leads to several things… Drugs, sex, selling you’re body, Drinking, and suicide, some times even in worse cases… Three years ago I was with my best friend… (others may know him) he was my best friend we were so close. He was bullied 24’7… through internet and school and after school. He was bullied so much each day getting new bruises and had a bloody face and nose one day he was coming over it was my birthday and he ran inside huffing and puffing. He was scared so scared tears were streaming down his face. I watched him all night as he slept in my bed and I called his mom and told her. She came in the morning and she knew it was going on but nobody was doing anything. He wrote a journal and that’s how he got it out and October 2 he died…. He was driving and he had OD and his eyes went blurry and he went and hit another car and died. I miss him. But he wrote in his book I am sorry I have to go… You did all you can and he wasn’t suppose to be driving… nobody noticed he was gone but me. But every day on October 2 I read his journal adding a new page as he told me to do. As I also get bullied but this is my way to say I know how you feel and I know I love and forgive others for what they have done. I still feel the pain. Trust me I do and don’t worry … you are a light this is just a day of rain one day it will fade away. Let’s stick around and stick together and remember if you are gay, les, fat, short, skinny, tall…. No matter what you are in my eyes you are perfect and I promise to be you’re friend forever but you can’t give up don’t let them win. Also those wish that bulling stops let make it reality. Add people…. Let’s get bigger let’s take a person who thinks there alone and put hope back into their eyes. Cause we need them each person who dies from suicide drinking and etc. Is someone who could have been perfect could have been you’re best friend… Don’t let other’s go through this… If anything don’t let them do this alone. The world will grow colder but there is a group that’s spreading warmth that’s what I want. I don’t care if you like me… I would like you to but if not then I am sorry. I want to make a change and help other’s who is with me?

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