November 22, 2013
My favorite thing to do is to lie down on the granite side walk and feel the cold stone on the back of my legs and arms and cool my fevered neck while the sun slowly sinks into my body, relaxing and filling me with light and warmth. The soft heat moves through my head and down to the tips of my fingers and to the center of me, where I lay in peace for a while. Behind closed lids I see the glow of the brilliant sun illuminating the darkness in which my eyes reside, while I smell my mother’s herb garden to the right of me. The aroma of mint and of rosemary mixed with the summer sea fills the air around me like one big bittersweet scent cloud. I feel drowsy and calm like the small waves, too lazy to be fierce, that slightly brush the sea wall a few feet away. I hear the big blooming tree’s arms rustle in the frequent wind, sway like the white puffs of clouds in one direction. Everything I feel, hear, smell, and see, including me, is as light and as soft as the beautiful day near the summer sea.

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