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October 17, 2013
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Dear Teacher,

Please excuse the markings the small markings on my notes. The small tool that is use for notes is the same tool that is use to create the small drawing in the corner of the paper. A mechanical number 2 BIC pencil from the store is what I use to take notes, answer test questions, fill out homework papers, and create a world.

A small and quiet boy walks through the busy halls of a school. Surrounded by gray lockers, the boy, lost in the crowd, strolls across the tiled floor. The black haired boy opens the door to his class and takes a seat. The boy has his pencil moving in the corner of the paper. His tan colored hand moves to form lines and curves. Soon the lines begin to connect and a figure begins to take form. What was once a blank space has now become a cartooned boy. As I walk through the hallways of school and see an opportunity to learn and create. With the pencil I carry I am able to write note of new things I have learned and practice skills such as math. With a pencil I am able to take tests to see what I have learned. With a pencil I am able to write essays in English.

Some see a pencil as a writing utensil. The pencil is able to create lines and letters to form stories and pictures. In English class students sit in their chairs with an empty piece of paper in front of them. They stare and ponder. Soon they move their hands and make smooth strokes. The lead from the pencil slides across the empty space to form lines and curves. The curves and line begin to connect to form letters. Words begin to form and a story is made. What once was blank is now filled. What was once a thought is now a story written on paper for others to read and enjoy.

The pencil is what allows a boy in his room to create a world. A small boy with an imagination, and dreams of the future. Inspired by the stories he has heard and things he has seen, takes a pencil and creates his world. Placing lines where he sees fit. Two ovals form and then two smaller circles are filled inside the ovals. The eyes of a character are made. Then the rest of the cartoon figure is put into place. The figure is an outline that the boy goes back to and adds fine detail to the hands, hair, and clothing. He gives the figure buttons on his shirt and pockets on his pants with long smooth strokes. The boy then adds strands of hair with quick strokes. The beginning of my dream world has begun. I am able to create and erase what exists in this world.

The pencil is a simple item. Created by three main parts. The lead, body and eraser, yet it is able to build stories, sketch pictures, write messages, and record information. As I sit in school I take notes about history, math concepts, and scientific theories. As the bulleted information on the power point become overwhelming I look for an empty space in my notes. As the teacher explains how to solve an equation I make a quick sketch. Then I focus again and use the pencil to finish the notes. The pencil allows me to learn and escape from work for a brief moment.

As I sit in class I roll the pencil slowly feeling each of the surfaces of its hexagon body. As the teacher passes out an assignment I click the top of the mechanical pencil. A thin piece of lead slides out. I grip the pencil and move it in a familiar pattern of letters to create the answer to the question.

Your student,


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