Preparing for exams

September 17, 2013
I like books; they make me a knowledgeable person. But during exams, they become my biggest foe. They cut all my connection with my cell phone, my laptop and my television and even my favourite novel. And the moment I spend some time with them, I get conscious stricken. I’m just forced to be with books all the time and absorb every word of time of them.
One day my book sent me back to the British rule, and it suddenly reminded me of the new single the British boy band One Direction had released, “I should listen to the song right now. It will just take 2 minutes.” I told myself. It was 3pm, I remember. “Wow It’s a wonderful song. I need to update my Facebook status about it right away.”I decided. It will just take two minutes, I convinced myself again. Scrolling through the newsfeed, I came across an extremely funny joke on Facebook, “I should call my best friend and tell her this joke, she’ll die of laughter.” I said to myself. But then a little voice inside my head said “but its 4 pm now, dude! You should study! YOU NEED TO STUDY! You can tell her the joke later!” Ignoring that voice I went ahead and called her and we hung up after talking a little. I looked at the clock. It was 5 pm . And then it suddenly striked me what I had done. I had wasted 2 hours of my life doing nothing when I could have finished the whole damn chapter! “Oh God, I’m such a procrastinator! Help my finish this chapter Lord!” i wailed looking at my room’s ceiling hoping that God would somehow come down from there and magically make me a prodigy. But I knew that was not going to. So I pulled myself back together and went back to studying. I studied straight for 3 hours. That helped me assassinate my guilt. I felt better.
Through this incident, I would like to throw light on the plight we students face when prepare for exams. It’s extremely difficult to dedicate your whole time to something which you don’t really like amidst all the interesting distractions we have these days.

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