Time of Your Life

August 31, 2013
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Take all the photographs and leave them inside your head. Turn back the hands of time, and go right back to then. You had so much fun times, but now it's time to end, you can't live in the past. I hope you had the time of your life!

You let your heart lead you, but you just went blind. Filled with emotions that just take your time. Then when you think you feel something great can arise, you just end up right behind. It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right I hope you have a time of your life.
Mistakes occur each and every day. Who knew a damn mistake was caused such a quake? Back then she didn't refuse, nor did I. I thought we could have the time of our lives!

Am I just a fool trying to mend the road? Why was I cursed with these damn shattered words? I'm just the pacifist that wants to cease the wildfire, too much trees have burned. I hope you had a time of your life!

Please old friend, I want you to know my sincerity. This mistake has not gone unrecognized. There were times that my heart had spoken. I hope you had the time of your life!

You took all my friends away! We as humans are both to blame, they all went far away, left for me to feel insane. I thought our pacts from the olden days actually meant something. I'm just a lone wolf out there, howling at the moon. Tracing the familiar scent trailing the monsoon. It's not enough for me!

Our departures grow nearer everyday, college is around the bend with a newfound stress along the way. This summer was to fix the gash, but I just couldn't sew tight the thread.

I'm so sorry, this is the only way that I know I can, But I just really want you to know that I cared, but just a little too much at first. My mind was just immature, and I thought you understood. Hope you had the time of your life.

Because... I know I did!

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