Random Evening

July 17, 2013
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The sun had already set. I was too engrossed in to my books to observe it. Its only when the light had faded that I looked up. There were clouds, as grey shades, spread across the entire infinity of the sky with only tidbits of clear blue here and there.

There Came the delightful chatter and boisterous laughter from the opposite apartment. I turned towards to see if I can find the proprietors of that angelic noise instilled with childhood innocence that my ear just witnessed. Though I could make out it was from the apartment, it was rather fastidious to procure the house that lodged the children as all the houses were as boxes set symmetrical one above the other in about 5 rows and one next to another in two columns. The few opened windows and the slightly ajar doors, my only measures to a peek, were all obscured by the softly swaying colorful cloths hung on the cloths lines. Then I discerned a frisky shift of a cheerful kid unanimous with the dusk breeze that delicately flew the window curtain of the house. There the kids were laughing and playing worrying not a care.

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AzureBlue said...
Feb. 15, 2014 at 12:04 pm
Dude, I love this! You have an amazing talent, Compy! Keep up the Good work!  =D
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